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Dear Dayre,

Thursday with @evonnz and @withlovetricia at Tiong Bahru! We had a very late brunch (4pm considered brunch?) at Forty Hands! I super love brunching on weekdays cos it's a little less crowded everywhere heh.

Guai me was on diet so the Caesar salad is mine la, with sides of spinach and mushrooms to keep to my carb-free diet! ✌️

Me and two siao chabors who are trying to give me a boob-wich wtf. Because we are so classy like that. #onlyondayre

After brunch, Tricia and I visited #artloftasia's pop-up show "49 Going 50", and enjoyed the various heritage-themed artworks by our local artists! All available for purchase, many of them tongue-in-cheek and paying homage to Singaporean heritage and culture!

Especially close to my heart for me with my art/design background. "49 Going On 50" will be held from 28 Aug to 4 Sep at 82 Tiong Poh Rd #01-21! Support our local art scene! ☺️✨

It was really cool at the art exhibit! All the artworks are Singapore-themed and done by local artists.
And Ee Shaun (he's a well-known local illustrator/artist) was there doing a live demo! Cool shit.

Chatted with him for abit and I really enjoyed connecting with my roots. I do miss graphic design a whole lot.

LKY pop-art in Andy Warhol style!

This artwork is called "Amazing Singapore".

A-Maze-ing Singapore.. Geddit geddit?

All the artworks are for sale too which I think is cool! Local pride ya! Next time when I have my own house, I'm so gonna buy local artwork and put them up. Or draw my own.

I was so inspired I decided I should do up a new look for my blog.. So I pulled out my old drawing tablet and doodled some illustrations!

It's been the same for the longest time! Trying out some different styles of illustrations for my blog header but I haven't quite found one that I really like yet.

In the meantime it looks like this! Much cleaner feel I guess! Very minimalist and uncluttered which also looks more professional. I also changed my profile photo hahaha the old one is like almost two years old!

I love pretty skirts!

If you can see the details of this skirt, it's actually a super gorgeous maxi length skirt but in a slightly sheer fabric with a special mesh hem that weighs down the skirt so it swings and flounces about in the most glamorous way!!

And then it comes with shorts/skorts inside the slightly sheer fabric so when the skirt swings around as you walk you can see abit of leg 若隐若现 🙈 So sexy and stylish I damn love!

Going on a skirt craze lately forgive me hahaha.

Under normal lighting it looks almost like a regular maxi skirt. But once you start walking and swishing your way around you're gonna feel like a goddess! 😍

Inspiration from my favourite Korean designer label again but it's definitely a lot more wearable than the one you see on this K-celeb! Not so sheer and the inner skorts are fully covered from waist down and of a very decent length. 🙈

Mad mad love and Tricia asked me to keep a piece for her already haha.

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