Dear Dayre,

Had a trial shoot with a new model today, and you'll see some of these photos in TVD's new collection!

Damn the weather cos it has been raining like crazy these couple of weeks 😤 My blue skiesssss where art thou!!!

No blue skies but at least the drizzling was barely noticeable. We managed to complete our shoot in a record time of like two hours 👍

In this new collection, you'd recognize the romper that I wore previously, it's awesome comfy! Obviously I like comfy clothes haha. And it comes in four different prints, super spoilt for choice!

Btw, I also love the elastic band at the waist – it's perfect for huge meals and buffets! 🙈👍

I like this black-based tropical print too!

If you find those prints too colorful, there are two more understated palm tree prints! This one is a black print on white base. Love the clean monochromatic look for this print!

And the last print you can consider is this navy blue with white palm tree motifs, blue is always a classic color and it is universally flattering!

The awesome digital print shift dress is back, we had sooo many requests to restock this dress and it's also my personal favourite so yay! Love the prints so much!

I've worn it so often cos it's the easiest thing to pull out of my wardrobe and still look like I bothered to dress up heheh 🙈

This gorg skirt is also in the new collection as well, lots of people were asking when it's gonna be launched and I personally think it's damn pretty! I like how the pleated portion swings when you move about. It's so nice!

My personal take on this is to go monochromatic cos I think it's ultra classy!

And the embroidery mesh top is back in two new colors. This design is one of our hot sellers so we decided to remake it in Black and Lilac as well! You get your pick between a classic and versatile Black or a feminine and sweet Lilac.

Gotta say, I've been pretty good with my diet so far!

Wednesday is Day 39 and I had quite a controlled diet today. Oh I sneaked in a doughnut into my diet for lunch tho cos VDL sent me a huge box of them!

Can't say no to a Krispy Kreme, right? 😬

I had a late dinner/supper after rehearsal at Boon Tong Kee but I stuck to the chicken and veggies: no carbs! Not too bad a day though it could have been better. 👍

38 more days to go!

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