Dear Dayre,

Awoke real early on Monday morning for a special event: filming with Sonia and Joakim of 987 for 8days eat!

We had a mini "challenge" for the filming and I'm not supposed to reveal what we did yet.. But I guess I could post a couple photos first!

Lol okay I think I gave it away haha can you tell what we were up to? 😁

It was a pretty fun morning! And also we wrapped earlier than anticipated so I had time to get to my next appointment on time 😁

Met a client for an upcoming campaign with @evonnz, and we all had some time to spare in the afternoon so we went down to Salon Vim together to get our hair done! So fortunate to have a salon that's so conveniently located in town, and I'm really thankful for them. I can always count upon Vim to make my hair all pretty.

My colored highlights have faded to a light green so I asked to touch them up with more purple/blue so it doesn't fade so green this time.

Actually, colored highlights aren't as hard to maintain as people think! I generally don't do anything special with them except using hair mask more generously on my bleached highlights cos they're drier and more brittle than the rest of my hair. But apart from that, it's not a big issue at all to take care of my hair.

Sui mamak hair at the end of three hours! ☺️☺️☺️ @evonnz bleached out her dark roots so now she looks very legally blonde. 👍 I also had treatment done on my hair cos Fiona says my hair is quite dry! Need to hair mask more often at home.

Trying to teach little Scruffy here how to "shake hands" haha but she's a little dumb dumb kind! She learnt how to climb the stairs and she's been clumsily clambering up and down our house.

She's a real cutie pie but it's so hard to get a good photo of her cos she's so scruffy and moves about so much!

My other two loves. Teehee

Shaggy little carpet! Look at her expression. She just refuses to look at the camera! 😒

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