Dear Dayre,

More photos from yesterday's show at Mediacorp haha so groupie man! Got some friends and readers who texted me/left comments saying they saw me and YZ in the audience.

Seriously why you all eyes so sharp one? 👏

Ok lah I don't mind being a groupie for a friend. Next week still got another show for my 学妹.

Really does bring back memories too of the time that YZ and I were taking part in K歌!

YZ damn rah-rah. I was trying to block my face with the paper loud hailer but hahaha looks like it didn't help much.

想YY, teehee!

Damn sian cos I put on weight during today's #slimcouture weigh-in. All thanks to my itchy mouth I had like AFC and chips and all that junk food during the weekend. FML back to my cherry tomatoes.

Today's photoshoot went pretty good, and I'm totally in love with the new collection. I know I say that all the time, lol. But I sincerely love all the new manufactured pieces!

Since we came back on the new website, I've been really meticulously curating and picking designs to manufacture and bring in. And I don't just want to be another run-of-the-mill online store, but I want to bring in unique and wearable pieces that will make every girl feel and look her best.

Comfort and quality is also key!

I can't stand shoddy workmanship on apparel or clothes that don't fit properly (you know, armhole too big, pleats not nicely done or stuff like that) and I'd rather pay a bit more for better quality and well-made clothes.

These are some of the key factors that have been influencing what you see on TVD these few months, so I'm really glad that the collections have been well-received!

Makes me feel so happy ☺️

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