Dear Dayre,

Opening my jenny cookies today from @withlovetricia! Mmmm best butter cookies ever. Don't want to think about the amount of butter in these little finger-lickin' good babies.

But anyway, I told myself that my diet is gonna get serious for real this coming Tuesday's #SlimCouture session! That'll give me exactly 12 sessions to lose weight in time for Sep 20, which also happens to be @shiberty's birthday.


Meanwhile… Better finish up these cookies hahahaha.

I was wondering why my Dayre stickers disappeared and then I found the new sticker store!! And lookie new stickers too!! Hahaha #cheapthrill

I declared today no-make-up-day and didn't even apply sunscreen oops. But it feels great at the end of the day coz you don't have to worry about cleaning off your makeup! Just a quick cleanse will do.

YZ and I attended a friend's baby shower!

It has come to that age when every other friend of ours (or actually it's YZ's) are all holding on to a baby/toddler.

Cute little Hannah, Ryan and Her Ching's little girl! She super loved me even though I'm bad with babies hahah! So cute lah. She's like a little grown-up, damn zen. Doesn't laugh when you try to play with her but has the most serious expression on her cute little face!

YZ with little Rae, Weizhong and Cecilia's little girl. She's the opposite and super cheerful, keeps on laughing.

Babies hen cute when they're not yours lol.

I don't forsee myself holding on to any of my own babies for the next 1-2 years at least.. >.< YZ loves babies though! Thinking about pregnancy and childbirth is quite scary. Mummies are really very noble!

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