Dear Dayre,

Omggg too busy everyday haha. I don't have time to update properly! This couple of weeks have been packed with so many things to do, running around events, meetings, photoshoots and rehearsals.

I was out of the house early today for a press event with dear @melissackoh! New launch for an upcoming gadget, you'll find out what soon.

With our Nuffie manager @selheng haha they're like as busy as us cos they have to run around for meetings and events with us sometimes!

Anyways, I rushed back home right after event to work on TVD's new collection and a blog post before I had to run out again for choir rehearsal.

So have I mentioned how much I love this skirt?????

I love it to the extent that I paid almost $300 SGD for this when I saw it in a designer boutique at Dong Dae Mun. In fact.. I tried it on and fell in love but I was like WTF it's almost $300 不要买啦….

In the end we went back home to our hotel that day and then I thought over it the whole night and ended up going back to DDM the next day to buy this skirt 😍😍😍

Heart very pain but I was super super happy to own it!

And I was like.. I love it so much, I must share the love and manufacture something similar for TVD!!!

So now you see, don't need take air plane to Korea and spend almost $300 for this mega chio skirt.

Go buy from please and it will cost you less than $40 plus local shipping. 😍😍😍

I feel like a proud mama cos I taught Scruffy aka Pepper to "shake hands"! So cute la she! And now I'm teaching her to "stand" but she still doesn't get it yet. Heh.

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