Dear Dayre,

Took some photos today for an Instagram posting: Heroine Make eyeliner!

I swear this is my most frequently used eyeliner of all time, cos it's affordable and good! Soft brush tip and it's waterproof and stays on really well. 👍

Out of all the drugstore brands that I've tried and tested, this is amongst the top three, the other two are Dollywink and Kpalette!

Perfectly lined eyes with Heroine Make eyeliner everyday 😁

They're having an exchange programme where you get 50% off your purchase by bringing in an old eyeliner! Check my Insta for the details, k?

Had a short rehearsal in the afternoon in preparation for Thursday's concert, and I'm glad rehearsal finished earlier than usual! Productive rehearsals always feel good.

Unfortunately, today's diet is pretty much down the drain 😭 Had lunch with my choir mateys before rehearsal and we had Italian! And then I had Thai food for dinner with YZ 😱 Gonna eat super clean tmr to make up for today. Pfft.

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