Dear Dayre,

I've been eating cherry tomatoes and blueberries nonstop for the past few days!

Damn guai cos I wanna see good results for #SlimCouture. Meh. Cherry tomatoes are supposed to be very good for the weight loss! Though I don't know what's the specifics. Eheh. And the blueberries help to enhance the taste of the cherry tomatoes and make them taste sweeter mmmm!

It's really only about four months away to wedding day! Too fast omg I'm not ready 😖 Need to work harder! Especially with the weight loss part, it's so damn hard when I love to eat like crazy.

Oh well.

I just created a #yzyinawed hashtag! Cliche but it's nice to be able to keep track of everything! Then I'm thinking do I need another hashtag for YZ and I separately lol like our coupley photos and all that. Social media is so confusing sometimes.

Choosing wedding photos for the album is really not an easy task! Especially cos there are soooo many nice ones which is a good problem to have 😁✨

I feel like I wasted my Sunday doing nothing much. Haiz I'm abit stressed cos there's actually a lot of stuff to do!

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