Dear Dayre,

I had a busy Thursday, first with this week's launch for #thevelvetdolls, followed by a performance for SICF, Singapore International Choral Festival with SYC Ensemble Singers and ONE Chamber Choir.

Held at Star Vista of all places. So bloody far!

That's my game face taken in the changing room at Star Performing Arts Centre (??) which was so posh it almost looked like a hotel.

This is the first time SYC is singing with ONE and we had a few combined rehearsals before the performance to come together and sing together so that we could get used to one another. It was really quite fun to sing in such a large choir but at the same time it was a pretty foreign experience singing with people you barely know!

This is us attempting an insanely impossible combined choir selfie. Seriously can meh? Do you spot me? Hehehe

So I've been trying to eat as healthy as I can!

Mummy cooked lunch at home and I had her yummy food for lunch. Grilled fish with stir fried veggies! I love mummy's cooking. It's the best!

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