Dear Dayre,

Friday first thing: #SlimCouture appointment!

You don't know how nervous I was okay. Been trying so hard to eat well the past few days that if I didn't drop even a tiny bit of weight I would have been damn demoralized 😡

Thankfully, stepped on the scales and I dropped 0.5kg since last session on Tuesday! 🎉🎉🎉 I is on target still! 😁✨

So by next Tuesday another 0.5kg please!

Ootd! Pulled out an old skirt from #thevelvetdolls and a striped top. Can see my octopus ba guan marks on my tummy. They've been putting a lot of guan all over my body recent and I hope it really helps to slim down those areas fast. 🙏

And I finally met up with my wedding planners and styling team Inside The Knot and Merry Love Weddings to do a site reccee at our wedding venue! ☺️☺️☺️

Selfie with Shuying from @merryloveweddings, Rubi & Clarissa from Inside The Knot, who's been helping me keep track and stay on top of all the wedding planning thingamajigs.

Thank you ladies!! Can't wait for the next stage in our wedding planning hoho!

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