Dear Dayre,

Whuttt it's Monday again! Sigh. I have been feeling a lil bit of inertia of late. I find it very hard to dress up and makeup and get productive, but you know, I have to! My work and shop doesn't stop 24/7 😪 Neither does social media. It is really more than just a hobby now, it's almost an obligation.

To be fair, it's not that I don't enjoy it, I do, very much! So I just have to overcome the inertia and actually rouse myself out of that unproductive mood. 😁✨

Thus I'm really glad for one-piece jumpsuits like this. It's really fuss-free and I don't even need to think about how to coordinate an outfit that looks good. It's just wear and go!

I love palazzo pants and I personally find that jumpsuits with palazzo pants cuts are usually the most flattering for us pear-shapes girls. It really helps to make your legs look long and endless without emphasizing on heavy bottom!

My other favourite part of this design is the thick obi style waist. Makes my waist look a lot smaller than it actually is. ☺️

I love jumpsuits in general la, haha. There's like a couple more on the way but stocks haven't arrived yet! Can't wait 😁

Attended to some TVD business today and got some new samples settled whoop! I'm always excited for new designs to come. It's already end August and it's gonna be year-end soon.

YZ and I went to support Alfred at the first live show of PSS! It's been years since I did something like this haha all the other groupies are all so young!

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