Dear Dayre,

Back logging to Friday heh. Went for #SlimCouture sesh and woohoo lost 1kg from Tuesday! Looks like my "guai-ness" sort of paid off.

So hopefully I can sustain it for another twenty days til 20th Sep!!

If you're wondering why 20th, it's cos there's gonna be an event for SC hahahaha so I must make sure I do my part and be on track!

WIW on Friday.. Had a meeting with client and I'm doing a new campaign together with @shiberty yay! Sounds pretty fun actually, I can't wait!

You know how I mentioned there's a whole lot of skirts coming up! This printed wrap skirt is the latest pretty skirt in office! Everyone texted me to ask me for a piece already 😍 It's a ZARA inspired piece and is supaaaa pretty. Very flattering too! 👍

Can't wait for next week's shoot cos we're going to partaaaay at the beach 😁

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