49 Going On 50 at Art Loft

Hello dear friends!

I suppose you must have already spotted my new blog header/illustration on my in-the-process-of-getting-revamped blog! 😀 Well, it’s been a long time since I last updated the look of my little space, so I thought it was time for a change.

And yes, my illustration was doodled and done up by myself! 🙂

Here’s a little short video with the step-by-step process from lines to colour, and I really love the new header!

This time, I decided to re-draw my old avatar in a new style that’s a little quirkier and also more contemporary, but still keeping the same colourful illustrative style that I love. I tried to add in my favourite elements because she represents me and my blog, so you see the paper plane, musical notes, my chihuahua and myself holding a camera.

I love it! I don’t know why, but I just don’t think my face looks good as a blog header although it’s very usual for many bloggers do that. Heh.

If you’ve been following my blog since its birth (like I don’t know, five years ago?), you might remember that I used to be trained as and worked as an illustrator for a few years before I eventually left the industry and ventured into what I’m doing now, my own online business and yes blogging too. It has been AGES since I last drew or painted anything. But I still love it very much and I think I need to find more time to do this more often! I actually stayed up very late for a couple of nights just doodling and getting back my mojo before I came out with this new illustration for my blog.

And what spurred me on was an inspiring visit to Art Loft Asia’s pop-up art show, 49 Going On 50!

Me and the girlfriends popped by Tiong Bahru for a quiet afternoon brunch at Forty Hands before we walked over to 82 Tiong Poh Road where the pop-up art show is (still) being held at, all the way until the 4th of September.


I really do like Tiong Bahru. It’s such a quaint little ‘hood and I love how it’s a mix of the old and the new. Old buildings but cool new places like art galleries, cupcake shops (Plain Vanilla!) and awesome cafes! Quite the perfect location for an art show that’s showcasing our local artists and celebrating Singapore’s heritage, past, present and future. You can probably tell from the name of the show that it’s also to celebrate Singapore turning 49 years old! I support national pride!



I love looking at artwork, naturally, having come from the creative industry. It was such a great experience to connect back with the local art scene at Art Loft! And I really appreciate that there’s such a platform for our local talents to showcase their artwork. These art work can also be purchased too!


Okay, too cute! Kueh forming the words Art Loft hehehe.


Iconic Tiger Balm. If you’re an 80’s kid like I am, you definitely know what that is!


One of the things I enjoy at any show is watching the lively human interaction. It’s great to see people genuinely interested in art!


And this is KY Huang himself, who is the artist of some of my favourite illustrations at the show! He was there personally as well as a few other artists! 


These “bar code zebras” are also Mr Huang’s masterpieces! I love the concept, so brilliant!



Admiring the textures on all these “LAH”s. Lol. I choose to interpret it as Singapore’s multi-racial and diverse society but with a common language.. Singlish!



More people having a good time at the show!


I was SALIVATING at the sight of these nonya kueh OMG.. Look at those gula melaka ondeh ondeh! Too bad I’m on a diet 🙁


And seeing this reminded me of Chilli Crab for some reason?! Must be too much dieting going to my head.


There was a live artist doing a demo during the event too (that was on Thursday) and upon closer examination, I realised that it was famed local artist Eeshaun!

I’ve known of and followed Eeshaun’s artwork ever since my school days, so I was so pleasantly surprised to get this opportunity to speak to him personally and even watch him at work!

It’s not easy to do art for a living in Singapore, and I speak from my own personal experience as a commercial artist. Which is why I truly admire all our local talents for having the tenacity and passion to keep on doing what they love: art!



Thanks for your time, Eeshaun! 


No one can disassociate Lee Kuan Yew from the words Singapore and heritage. Loved this Andy Warhol pop art style interpretation of our beloved Minister Mentor!


“Amazing Singapore” by Mr KY Huang. “A-Maze-Ing” Singapore.. Geddit geddit?? 😀

ArtLoftAsia-1-3I had a really delightful time at 49 Going on 50 at Art Loft and left feeling so inspired and appreciative of our local art scene!

Go on down to 49 Going on 50, it’s still open til 4th September!

Located at: 

82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-21 

 Weekdays: 5pm to 8pm
Weekends: 10.30AM to 6pm

All the art pieces on exhibition can also be purchased from Art Loft’s website, you might wanna follow Art Loft on Facebook too, there’s also more details about this event on their page!



Clad in my lovely new skirt upcoming on TheVelvetDolls!

If you can see the details of this skirt, it’s actually a super gorgeous maxi length skirt but in a slightly sheer fabric with a special mesh hem that weighs down the skirt so it swings and flounces about in the most glamorous way!!And then it comes with shorts/skorts inside the slightly sheer fabric so when the skirt swings around as you walk you can see abit of leg 若隐若现  So sexy and stylish I damn love! Going on a skirt craze lately forgive me hahaha.

Under normal lighting it looks almost like a regular maxi skirt. But once you start walking and swishing your way around you’re gonna feel like a goddess! 😀 Love it!

I promise to update more regularly now that I’ve dusted the cobwebs off this space so please come back and visit soon!


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