Yay to Thermage! πŸ’†βœ¨

Dear Dayre,

Guess what I just got done on my face! I like how my face looks like there's a map on it so cute.

Nothing invasive or anything that involves going under the knife.. I did a procedure to help stimulate skin collagen to improve elasticity and to firm and lift my skin, especially on my jawline and my brows! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Has anyone heard of a procedure called Thermage?✨

So this is what Thermage does: it helps to stimulate collagen and tighten your skin so visibly that you can get a more defined face and jaw!

And if you have like sagging jowls or you think your skin is losing it's elasticity, Thermage will firm up all your saggy facial bits πŸ™ˆ

Wah I really hope I get results as good as this!!! I want my double chin to be less obvious and I want my jawline more defined!

The results are visible from one month post-procedure, but you'll see the best results in about 3-6 months time, which was why I had Thermage scheduled for now, cos my wedding day is in about 5 months time! Heheh.

Another effect of Thermage that I'm hoping will be visible on me is skin lifting especially around the eye area! I naturally have quite droopy eyes and I don't like that πŸ™ I want my eyes to look less puffy and more defined too!

The overall results is to give you a more youthful look and help to address signs of aging!

Well obviously I'm not that old yet, but from what I researched and asked my doctor at IDS Clinic, doing Thermage also helps to slow down aging.. Like a preventive measure. πŸ‘

So the best part about Thermage is that it's non-invasive with no downtime or overly drastic results with invasive surgery!


Just one single treatment and it will last for a couple of years, supposedly.

I don't know how effective it is yet since this is my first experience with Thermage.. Wait for my real results in 1-2 months time, I'll definitely share on my blog!

So it started with me getting my numbing cream on before the procedure..

Happily posing while waiting for the cream to take effect :X

I don't know if you feel the same way as I do but I hate how saggy my upper eyelids are. People say I have "眯眯眼" or smiley eyes but I think they look very droopy and I don't like them πŸ™

Then I got my skin all mapped out for the RF (radio frequency) treatment to be delivered systemically and accurately to all the parts of my face!

Focus being on my jawline (for a more defined jawline and reduced double chin) and also to lift my eyes/brows.

And the actual procedure took like 45 mins to 1 hour?

It basically consisted of Dr Heng pulsing RF shots all over my face, from my jawline to my forehead!

If you're wondering got procedure so good one non-invasive with such good results.. I have to tell you one thing.

NO PAIN NO GAIN! #insertsrandommeme

Wah I cannot lie to you, some areas (near my hairline and jawline) felt like pulses of burning hot sensation! I was like "WALAOEH This part really a bit pain!" πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

But I managed to survive all 900 shots nonetheless hahahaa and the pain has been forgotten. Now I am looking forward to seeing the results of Thermage! 😁

And right now my skin is super glowy and radiant post-procedure. No downtime at all is awesome!

Pardon the messy background in office. My forehead is so glowy it's reflecting all the ceiling lights πŸ˜‚

No makeup on!

Can't wait to see my skin slowly firming up and my jawline becoming more obvious. Wheeee!!!

Rushing to choir rehearsal from office and took train from Macperson change at Serangoon then alighted at Potong Pasir and walked a good way.. I was on the phone all the way and when I reached my destination I realized that… I was at the wrong rehearsal venue FML 😭

Carrying three Hic'juice bottles, my laptop, a huge folder of scores -and a bunch of skincare products ain't no joke. So so so grumpy now! Thank god I found a cab quickly and am en route now, sigh.

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