Scary Sunday

Dear Dayre,

Gosh, I'm feeling like a total sickling today. I woke up in the middle of last night because YZ woke me up for making funny sounds in my sleep.. Apparently my blocked nose was causing me to breath all funny and I sounded like a sleeping corpse 😳 *cue rattling and sighing breaths* 😭 Felt really bad about making funny noises and disturbing YZ so I couldn't sleep well after that. The coughing was so annoying too, boohoo!

Then I was up at 6am and tossed and turned til about 8/9am.. Had another hour of unrestful sleep then I peeled myself out of bed for another long Sunday: TVD photoshoot with @billetsdouxfromc before I had to rush off for the EVERSOFT event in the afternoon.

I was running slightly late so I called a cab to office and hurriedly rushed onto and off the taxi.. Not until a good 20 minutes later whilst preparing for shoot then did I realise that.. MY CAMERA WAS MISSING 😱😱😭

I left it behind on the cab!!!


I proceeded to call Comfort hotline to seek assistance from the operator, whilst keeping my fingers crossed that my camera didn't get stolen by the next passenger onboard 😭😭

I'm usually quite careful about leaving belongings behind on the taxi cos YZ has ingrained a habit of always checking the taxi before I leave.

But I think I was carrying too many things and I left the camera bag on the floor of the taxi when I was re-packing my stuff during the taxi ride. Super careless! 😭

Thank God, the operator managed to contact the taxi driver (Heng I called cab instead of flagging cab, if not gone liao) and the taxi driver informed the operator that he had the bag with him πŸ™πŸ™Œ

But this taxi driver also not very ε–„θ‰― cos he told the operator he had to turn on the meter to drive back to me to pass me the camera.

Ok lah I understand cos it was my mistake.. But the taxi driver was at freaking Sentosa so when he eventually drove back with my camera, I was charged $17, which I suppose is a small price to pay for having my camera back safe and sound.. Sigh. Lucky me!

Shoot was pretty rushed cos we only had about two hours or so, but okay, I think I managed to shoot some key items for next week's collection! Thanks to @billetsdouxfromc for always being such an accommodating model and a great help!

I managed to start editing a few shots when I got home at night! Yay to being productive even in η—…ηŒ« mode.

Chanel loved this skirt as well and she took a really long time to decide which color to pick, the pretty tropical print comes in white, light blue and dark blue! I love how the outer mesh layer is so twirly and pretty. It's definitely an attention-grabbing piece!

It's Print-O-Mania!

The other two manufactured pieces to watch out for: A printed romper that looks like a cute 2-piece set, and a gorgeous printed dress with a feminine side bow at the waist 😍😍😍

All three designs have been doing really well on our KissJane retail racks!

I am specially in love with the romper cos I love all rompers. This one is πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Original piece was from Topshop but the print wasn't as wearable as the brush stroke one I picked for this design πŸ‘ Love it so much!

Rushed off for EVERSOFT event right after shoot and I looked like a mess: it's not easy to transform from photographer "ah sum" to glamorous blogger instantaneously 😭 Very hard to multi-task one. Usually photoshoot days = chui days. But bo bian, need to work for TVD and need to work for my blog!

My fatigue and tiredness totally showed cos everyone asked me how come I looked so tired 😭

Puffy eyes from coughing all day and night and horribly pale looking FML. Still need to go on stage and talk about how to take nice selfies in my sexy frog voice as well as record footage for TV.

But well, I managed still and the event turned out quite a successful one, I feel! The other girls were great as well! It's always good to have company during any kind of events at all.

Surrounded by pretty and polished looking ladies while I was still feeling "ah sum". Messy and flat hair couldn't be saved but ah well!! Blog post soon about the new EVERSOFT White sunscreen so look out for it! πŸ‘

Us ladies went to have ζ΅·εΊ•ζž together after the event!! Woohoooooo. Ain't no cough or sore throat gonna stop me from my ιΊ»θΎ£. ζˆ‘ηœŸζ΄»θ―₯ πŸ™ˆ

And since the cough is keeping me up again (I'm gonna go see a doctor tmr FML) and YZ is currently watching the match.. I decided I will be productive and Dayre today down. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ *sips on warm water*

YZ is rooting for Germany. So… GO GERMANY! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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