Phuket Day 3 🌴

Dear Dayre,

Time to do some catching up!
Friday breakfast view: our last day at Anantara Layan Phuket!

It was really a wonderful resort. Very luxurious and comfortable and that bed.. Felt like I was lying in a sea of fluffy clouds!

We ended our shoot the day earlier at this beautiful place: Ya Nui beach.

It was really gorgeous! But you could see how polluted the beach and waters were.. We got an unimaginable amount of black slimy sludge on our shoes and clothes from walking along the rocks and sand.

Such a huge pity to see how human civilization has ruined Mother Earth.

My man and I at Phuket Old Town, which reminded me of Chinatown!

I wasn't able to re-apply sunblock cos of the makeup on my face and shoulders.. 😭 No choice, did the best I could by popping Heliocare's oral sunblock pills.

You don't see it in the photos but there was like a huge pile of dog poop just two meters in front of us and it stank so bad 😳

We were like "OKAY ARE WE DONE YET??"

While we were taking a rest and having a coconut before we carried on to our next shoot location, this kitty came up to me and started playing with my dress lol! Awwww, it was so cute!

I loved the colors of this graffiti-ed wall, we ran to the wall for an impromptu shoot!

That last holiday morning~~~ 😪

Glad we got home safely.

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