Phuket Day 1 ✈️

Dear Dayre,

I swear my womb is the most 不自动 thing ever. 好来不来天天等我要去旅游的时候来。而且不是第一次了!! The last time this happened was when I went to Kota Kinabalu. Beach holiday somemore, walaoeh. Hope it doesn't ruin my getaway! 🙏

I haven't packed either.. Time to get up and start packin'!

At the airport now!! 老娘第一次坐 Business Class wor! 有一点点小兴奋 🙈


Airport OOTD! Wearing new TVD skorts which are 😍😍😍 So comfy and soft! And as usual, a knit top to keep me warm on the plane. Phuket, here we come! ☺️

Happy couple! Gonna be flying off soon! Will report back once I get back on ground. 👋👋👋


Business class 就是不一样. Steak for onboard meal! 😋 It was really quite good too! And I actually managed to fall asleep comfortably even though it was only a short flight.

There were lots of fluffy white clouds today. So pweddy! ☁️☁️☁️

We are actually here in Phuket on a "work" assignment! Except you know that my work is never really work work per say. So to be specific, we are here on a sponsored engagement for a wedding company that has engaged me to write about their pre-wedding honeymoon photoshoot/holiday package in Phuket. Which means we get to experience the whole thing for ourselves and yes that means more pre-wed photoshoot 😅

As you know I've already done my real pre-wed shoot in Korea with Kwedding, so this to me is really just something extra! Plus I think Phuket would be really beautiful for the outdoor shoots.

Ah well, since my wedding is only once-in-a-lifetime, I might as well embrace it and make the most of it!

Picked two gowns for tomorrow's shoot! Really hope the photos will turn out nice 🙏 I'm feeling fat and bloated cos of my period 😭 And somemore now YZ is so trim and fit liao, make me look bad only. Boohoo.

Once we were done with the fitting, I immediately asked for recommendations for the number one important activity to do in Thailand: THAI MASSAGE! So shiok and only like 500 baht for 1.5 hours! Cheap cheap!

My Thai massage auntie. It was pretty shiok man! I love Thai massage, especially when all my muscles are kneaded out one by one! Bliss.

And now, we're all settled in our private villa at Anantara Phuket Layan Resort and this place is 👍👍👍

Our villa is huge! You should see the bathroom man. Maybe tomorrow I'll bring y'all on a video tour 😂 We even have our own private pool! Whoop whoop!

Waiting for our in-villa dining service to send our dinner to us in a bit. It's so late I'm almost not hungry le! 😪

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