Dear readers,

Yes, I am still alive and well, very much soon!

I haven’t been updating frequently because my image hosting website has been so screwy and I haven’t been able to upload bulk images and then put them on this website! Which totally sucks. Boohoo. I’d actually uploaded a ton of photos from my Sydney trip, but looks like that’ll have to wait til I figure out a solution to my image hosting woes! 🙁

So life has been pretty busy for me: 2014 has been a hectic ones far, and I’ve practically been flying overseas every few weeks for one reason or another.. My last trip was to Phuket a week ago, and I am so glad to be back home in Singapore to work work work!

TheVelvetDolls has been back in action for a few months now, and what with my weekly collections, I have been finding it tough to write more frequently on my blog. Also, I have been very active on Dayre and Instagram because I can access those platforms on the go! I wonder if anyone still bothers to read this space 🙁 I’m gonna try to update a bit more cos I don’t wanna just see ads on this space, I dislike that as much as I’m sure readers do, despite all the effort I put into writing them.

All that being said, I feel that I couldn’t have been more blessed this year, thus far. All is going well, I have had amazing opportunities and doors opened up this year, for instance, my wonderful Nx Traveller Australia photography trip with Samsung Singapore, I was very very honoured to be the only Singaporean blogger to be invited on the trip. I think I learnt so much about photography, and I am also in love with my Samsung NX3000, which I used extensively during the trip (and all the photos below are taken with the Samsung NX3000!)

YZ and I also had the opportunity to travel together again and we had a great experience together in Phuket for a short pre-honeymoon trip, which was really memorable! Our first time flying via business class and staying in such a luxurious villa. Of course, I’ll be writing about that soon so stay tuned? 🙂

For the next couple of months, I’m staying grounded in Singapore because travelling is really taking a toll on my work, I feel like I’m playing a game of never-ending catch up! Let’s not even start talking about my wedding prep cos I seriously have been too busy to do much. And flying isn’t doing very much for my diet too, I can’t believe that YZ lost like 8-9KG with Slim Couture while I was away in Australia last month, in the short span of a few weeks! Now, it’s my turn to work doubly hard so that I can achieve as remarkable results as he did. Boohoo. Will update with more details about our progress at Slim Couture next!

At Jayne’s wedding last month, I flew back to Singapore just in time to attend her lovely union with Vern! Soooo happy for the two of them.

Doesn’t YZ look super dashing now after the weight loss hehehe. For some reason his neck looks longer now!

Taken in Phuket during our shoot there! Lol, you can still see my faint ba guan marks on my arm and back cos of my sessions at Slim Couture.

Some TheVelvetDolls OOTDs: I’ve been working really hard on new manufactured designs and I have to say that I LOVE how the new website looks so far, as well as all the designs that have been going up these few months! I feel that all the effort I’ve been putting in is slowly paying off :’) TVD has been through quite a fair bit of turbulence especially with the previous website issues, so I couldn’t be happier with how the new e-commerce website is working out, it has been quite smooth-sailing so far! *touch wood*

Mesh Panel Top in White (M)

Raphael Graphic Midi in Fuchsia (M)

Graffiti Art Romper in Black (M)

Midnight Run Jumpsuit in Black (M)


Tropic Isle Midi in Black Floral (M)

Brushed Hibiscus Tee

Adela Petal Skorts in Black (M)


I feel that bloggers have been getting a lot of flak recently from the general public. It’s pretty sad cos to me, my blog has always been a personal space for me to share what I love, for myself, and for anyone who would find my sharing informative, interesting, or useful. To me, it’s never a game of popularity or numbers, though that inevitably came into the picture when blogging turned commercialized. Nonetheless, I hope that at the end of the day, I’ll just be able to do what makes me happy, and be happy doing what I love 🙂 I’m not ranting or anything of the sort, because like I said, I think that life has treated me incredibly well this year, and I am so very grateful for it!

Thank YOU too, if you’ve been reading this space, which has connected me in so many ways to kindred spirits around me.


Til the next entry, toodles!


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