July #5 Photoshoot!

Dear Dayre,

I was busy working the whole of Hari Raya, but I'm glad I got lots done! Photoshoot and photos are all done ✨ Now I can concentrate on working on other stuff ✌️

Usually I dress for comfort on photoshoot days, so I picked the new tee upcoming on TVD cos it's super comfy/soft, & did a double take when my minion @pohyeepenelopez walked into office wearing the exact same thing as me 😂

Two of us trying very hard to look like we have big eyes next to doe-eyed @billetsdouxfromc! Chui.

Shoot didn't begin without some hiccups but thank God we managed to have a good shoot eventually! It's funny how much doing shoots are a part of my weekly routine, but yet every week, it is a challenging and daunting task to get done.

From preparing for a shoot to styling to the actual shoot and finally editing.. I think this is probably the most important part of my job cos the images can make or break sales in terms of how good the product looks, which translates to either profit/loss.

That being said, some weeks are easier and other weeks are tougher, and I'm feeling glad that this week wasn't too difficult when it came to the shooting: great light today plus I borrowed @xiesimin's 50D which I think made a difference to how easy it was to get good-looking images!

And of course, @billetsdouxfromc is always a joy to work with. Thank you for the hard work! ☺️

I got ALL my images done up already, efficient max or what? 😃 Feeling super happy about that, it makes working on a public holiday all worth it!

Also cos I really have "feel" for this collection 🙈 Styling and shooting felt less taxing than usual! 😁

Thinking back to when we first started, I can't be any more thankful to see how far we've come!

I was showing @billetsdouxfromc TVD's really old collections back when JY and I were "modelling" the clothes and telling her about how we had to take turns shooting for each other, haha. I was using my trusty Olympus E-P1 camera I think? And our photos were taken in my yard! Lol.

I remember how we had to wake up early on Sunday mornings and I had to blearily iron all the pieces for shoot then rush to do my own makeup. Yikes. The clothes steamer is indeed a great invention.

Thank goodness we slowly progressed to hiring faces to front the clothes, and I've been very very fortunate to work with the sweetest people, like @cherriwong who was one of TVD's first few models! 😘

And of course, @tasteofapple, who did an amazing job modelling for TVD for close to two years!

I think we've all grown a lot along the way. It's been a good five years so far and I am still in love with my job and get an immense amount of satisfaction from it!

This industry is not an easy one because of the sheer amount of competitors: according to @withlovetricia, there are 30,000 over online shops in Singapore at last count. Scary, isn't it?

We are not a huge business by any means, but I think TVD has been very blessed to have our own loyal customers who have been shopping with us for the past few years. Thank you :')

I love spotting girls in TVD apparel on the streets, teehee. It doesn't get old, every time I see something TVD, I nudge whoever is with me and whisper excitedly "eh eh eh that girl is wearing TVD lei!!" 🙈 Sorry to sound like a stalker.

I'm also grateful that the days of staying up til 3am on launch days are long over, and that now we are on an automated e-commerce platform which makes many things sooooo much easier for both ourselves and the customers!


Looking forward to the next collection!!

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