Hair Rescue & ELLE feature!

Dear Dayre,

I had a good voice lesson today with my voice teacher, Anna!

I usually go to her every Thursday afternoon, for classical voice lessons. It's just for my own enrichment, but we're exploring the idea of me going for vocal exams maybe next year.

I don't have any music theory background unfortunately so I can only take the performance cert which has no theory component! Sounds cool though.

Maybe next June I'll take the intermediate exam! ☺️

It would be sort of cool to have certification in singing! 😅

Headed down to Vim after lesson cos my hair was in serious need of intensive rescue: it has been more than two months since my last visit to the salon and my faded highlights look really unkempt and ugly.. 😱

That's the thing about colored hair, you need to go for regular maintainance and the more treatments the merrier!

Since I reached 313 early, I decided to go queue for the famous llaollao!

I keep seeing everyone posting about llaollao everywhere.. And you know, I used to be a huge froyo fan! I was shocked to see that there was a queue on a weekday afternoon wth. Is this really thaaaat good?

Ordered a "Sanum" for $6.50, which was quite worth it in froyo cents cos it had 1 crunchy topping, 3 fruit toppings & 1 sauce plus a huge dollop of froyo!

I think it was quite nice lah. But not superbly nice. Maybe I need to give it another chance with different toppings and flavours.

So I got my hair color touched up, highlights re-done, intensive Keratase treatment and mask done, as well as a trim to lighten my head a lil!

It took me a grand total of 5 hours hahaa. But it's all worth it, my hair looks soooo much healthier and well-cared for now!

Thanks to Fiona, who's my newly appointed hairstylist! Hmm I think I still prefer female hairstylists somehow. Can click better I think? 😁

The new VIP room rocks socks too cos it's very private and quiet! I can work in peace!

End result of five hours of butt pain! Well-worth it. 💓 Though I'm suddenly not used to my hair at this length again.. Haha.

It feels great to have my hair looking all healthy and fresh again!

My hidden side ombré blue green highlights!

To be honest, I'm quite tired of having pink hair though I loved it for a good one year at least! And although colored hair is so commonplace now, I really love having these brilliant streaks of color in my hair. I somehow feel that it's part of me now, & brings out my personality!

This reminds me of a random taxi uncle. I booked a taxi under my name & when I was about to alight from the taxi, the uncle commented "Your name Yina suits you very well!"

Quite a funny comment hor but I feel the same way I do about my name and my hair color! They're both part of my identity as a person and define who I am.

One more photo with Fiona! Her hair color is quite amazing. It's practically silvery lilac!

Very happy with how my hair looks now! I hope it grows out healthily so by the time it's the wedding day I will have nice long and thick hair.

In other news, I'm featured in this month's issue of ELLE Weddings! And the two-page spread looks really beautiful with our photos from Kwedding 😍😍😍


There's also a short interview but my replies were so summarized and shortened that it sounds very boring. Meh.

Five more months to go. 😱😱😱

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