BKK Mar’14: After You Dessert Cafe

Hello folks!

I have been absolutely SWAMPED with work because I’m currently overseas in Sydney, and there’s so so so much to do, both for TVD and for myself. I know I promised my Korea blog posts soon, but I had a blog draft here waiting to be completed, so here’s a short post first on a dessert cafe that you MUST visit when you’re in Bangkok!

After You Dessert Cafe is extremely famous already, they have a few branches all over Bangkok, but the two most accessible branches are probably at Central World and Siam Paragon (this outlet was under renovation the last I visited but it should probably be open by now?)

If you’re a lover of buttery toast and have a sweet tooth, you have to visit After You Dessert Cafe: their most popular dessert is the Shibuya Honey Toast which is really something you must try! In fact, we went to After You TWICE in the short span of five days because all of us loved the Shibuya Honey Toast so much!

We visited the outlet at Central World (the map is at the end of the blog post) and business at After You was bustling, the whole cafe was filled! We got a seat in less than 10 minutes though.

Enticing cakes on display at the counter.. YUM.

With babe Marie and photobombed by Mel hahaha look at her face!

As you know, the weather in Bangkok (and in Singapore nowadays too) is so super hot! We ordered the Earl Grey Milk Tea which was a satisfying thirst quencher.

Of course, we had to order the signature toast, but we also ordered the Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake and the Mille Crepe Cake as well!

Both were pretty good, but if you do order these two, make sure to finish them off before you start on the toast. The flavours are much lighter and more delicate for these cakes, and they probably won’t taste as good after having a bite of the toast because that one is just so rich and decadent.

A very happy Jess with cakes! She loves the Mille Crepe Cake!

The Shibuya Honey Toast is made fresh and it took about 15 minutes for it to be served to our table.. It looked AMAZING!!! Definitely food porn. Very very instagram-worthy! Hahaha. Just looking at these pictures are enough to make me salivate now!!!

We ordered the original Shibuya Honey Toast with Vanilla Ice cream and topped with fresh strawberries!

The first bite of this dessert was just pure heaven.. REALLY. Imagine a crisp toasted buttery exterior with fluffy insides that’s just soaked in honey, and accompanied by the fresh fruits and ice cream. It was insanely good!

One serving is pretty generous though, and I would think that it feeds two perfectly. I doubt I’d be able to finish one by myself without feeling a little queasy towards the end. But for four of us, it was not enough! And so we went back the following day and ordered TWO toasts for four of us. HEHE.

Just because I was having a good hair day + good make up + contact lens hahaha :X

Here’s the Mille Crepe Cake! The texture is perfect: light and fluffy, and not dry and tasteless: I’ve tried some really bad crepe cakes before and this was a stark contrast!

Ferraro Rocher Shibuya Toast! I still prefer the original Shibuya Toast to this chocolate Ferraro Rocher version, but chocolate lovers will like this.

I had a hard time finding the addresses for After You when I was in Bangkok, so here’s the address for your easy reference!

After You Dessert Cafe at Siam Paragon
Ground Floor
Tel No: 02 610 7659
10am-10.30pm (Daily)

After You Dessert Cafe at Central World

7th Floor

Tel No: 02 252 5434

10am-10pm (Daily)

This place is super addictive, so don’t blame me for it if you keep going back! 😀


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