A world of fragrances at Penhaligon’s

Dear Dayre,

I think I'm a relatively newcomer when it comes to fragrances!

Most women love fragrances, but I've always been a very functional person, so I never found any need for fragrances. (Like what @evonnz says I'm not smelly but I just have no scent) hahaha.

Still, I thought it would be interesting to find out more about fragrances, especially at Penhaligon's, a perfumer with such a rich history.

With the girlfriends Tricia and Evonne, we did a fragrance profiling together at Penhaligons!

So.. What I found out was that @evonnz and I have completely different taste in fragrances lol.

What I find nice she finds smelly and what I don't like she loves. Hahahaha. Scent is really a very individual preference so there's no right or wrong there!

Penhaligon's was established in 1870 so you can imagine its long rich history!

And interestingly, they are still selling fragrances made in the 1800s/1900s, with formulas as old as 120 years old, which I find pretty amazing.

If you are tired of atypical fragrances, perhaps a fragrance-profiling at Penhaligon's will open up a new world of fragrances to you.

What I really enjoyed was taking the time to slowly understand my own preferences (I don't like musky scents like @evonnz does) though it was really hard to narrow down my choices to the final two fragrances that will be sprayed on your body (usually the underside of your arm) so you can actually experience how it will react on your skin: everybody's body chemistry is different and the same scent will smell different on different people.

Chris, the manager, selected different fragrances for us based on our likes and dislikes, and this is the fragrance I picked at the end of the session: Artemisia!

It's quite interesting cos I tried a couple of the same fragrances on my skin that Evonne and Tricia tried as well, but they just didn't seem to grow on me the way those scents did on Evonne or Tricia.

I love Artemisia, it has a complex, floral scent that smells almost powdery talc-like, but isn't too overpowering or heavy.

Created in 2002, Artemisia is both floral and fruity with a beautifully sensual powdery dry down. Caramel soft, sweet, powdery and silky. A tumble of green apples and nectarines washed with jasmine tea and sprinkled with a luxurious medley of violet, cyclamen and lily petals. All this softly unfolds with great subtlety surrounded with layers of honeyed vanilla, warm spices, a touch of amber and a hint of musk. Haunting and addictive.

What I wore today: the Malibu Blouse in white with a printed midi skirt. Feeling so proper in a long skirt! The blouse is super comfy. I love the material, it's really good quality and thick. Not sheer at all even without inner lining. 😁👍

I think I am growing to enjoy fragrances more and more. Is this another sign of aging?

Anyway, Penhaligon's is located at ION and Marina Bay Sands Shoppes! Fragrance-profiling is free and takes approx 30 minutes. It's fun!

Randomly.. I'm on Ask.fm! It's been a long time since formspring and I'm wondering if anyone is still active on Ask.fm.

Well.. If you have any questions, you know where to find me! 😁

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