Candle in a tea cup that I found extremely delicate and dainty but I was worried it wouldn't survive a flight home so I gave it a miss >.<

And these were super super interesting: "Growing Plants"! Basically plants grown in old books that have been recycled and made into a pot! 😱

Cool huh? They even had DIY packs for like $20! Very innovative idea for sure.

Some stuff I bought: A pair of vintage aviators and some pretty jewelry cos I really liked them! Those aviators are super cool please, my best buy of the trip for sure! You can't see it here but the design of these aviators are really special cos the wires curve all around to under the ears, which I love!

That slender musical note ring caught my eye immediately and I had to get it too!

Plus, they frame my face super well!! Apparently, this company is opening a branch in Singapore soon, which would be pretty cool!

Lunch was at The Bucket List on Bondi Beach which gave us a nice view of the sea.

Dear Dayre,

On to Day 6, which was the last full day of the Nx Traveller trip! Gosh.. The days really flew by.

Well, we were up before the crack of dawn for our first assignment: sunrise photography at Bondi Beach.

It was a chore to be up at 5.30am man. The skies were still dark and it was nearly as cold as it was the night before. Good thing I was all bundled up!

Unfortunately though… It was an extremely clear day with no clouds in sight to soften the strong sun light, so it didnt make for very good sunrise photography 😣

Despite us running across to the next beach to get a better view of the sun, the light was just too strong.

The view was beautiful, nonetheless!

Loved the way the sunlight was hitting the water!

And also the waves crashing onto the shore.. Just beautiful.

Sighhh the beaches there are just lovely.

And i really enjoy seeing how the dogs there get to frolick and have fun in such a vast open space. I see them chasing birds and just sprinting across the sands.. So nice!

Sure worked up a hearty appetite for breakfast! We had this awesome french toast!

Been trying to cut down on my carbs and I only had like half a piece of this! But it was gooooooddddd.

This was my main course.. baked eggs shasouka! I love this dish. And it's pretty healthy! Yayness. Good breakfast!!!

So after breakfast, we were given some time at Bondi Market! It's like a arts market that sells lotsa pretty stuff from accessories to clothes to trinkets and handmade stuff.

I spent most of my allocated time shopping rather than taking photos heehee.

Chilling on a Harley right before we were taken on a joy ride around the 'hood by Troll Tours!

Gotta say I look pretty good on a Harley! Hehehe

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