Dear Dayre,

GOOD MORNING! Had a long night at rehearsal and I KO-ed straight away when I got home after dinner with my mates.

Today is super busy cos my to-do list and appointments super many 😨

Here's what I need to do today:
Eversoft post edits by 12pm
Shower/blow dry my hair and put on makeup
Take photos for KATE and Bifesta postings before 1pm
Voice lesson at 1.30-2.30pm
Meeting with my Nuffnang manager at 3pm
Two back-to-back events at 4.30-6pm

And I need to launch on TVD too! πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸ’¦

Meanwhile can I entertain you with a video my mother sent me hahaha she is hilarious and QQ is so cute πŸ’“

"Mama say chlose eyes eyes give cheh cheh shee…"

My mama is super funny. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Okay back to work byebye!!

Lunch/Brunch appt today at One Man Coffee with the Nuffies Selina and Gwen!

I've been wanting to try this place forever!! I think you can give the big brekkie a miss, it's not particularly nice, but the French toast is soooo soft and fluffy! Very very nice.

It was also full on a Thursday afternoon (3pm-ish), probably cos sitting capacity is pretty limited too.

Selina presented me with my early birthday present from Nuffnang and I 😍😍😍 it!!!

A floral tote bag from Ted Baker that is super duper functional for me cos I carry around my laptop every damn day, plus it's in gorgeous florals which I love! Also, it's plastic hohoho so I'm sure it will be very hardy!

Thank you Nuffies dears! πŸ’“πŸ™†

I try my best to be more punctual for submitting my advertorials ya. *try* πŸ™Œ

Rushed off next all the way to Sentosa for an event at Capella! Was so late I missed the first half of the event… >.< But I'm happy I got to meet my hot babies @evonnz and @withlovetricia! 😬

Love the exquisite packaging for this scent!

Come to think of it, perfume packaging is a very important aspect of selling the product. A perfume is usually just a clear colorless liquid, and the only way to differentiate it and make it memorable (apart from the scent that is), is the design and packaging! And Marc Jacobs always has beautifully quirky and delicate packaging! The kind you wanna display on your dresser cos it's such a work of art!

Scent wise, it's super flowery and light. 😍

Really missed my girls! 😘


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