Dear Dayre,

I'm backdating cos I missed out this Saturday in my Dayre: the day after I flew back from Phuket!

Lol, just me being anal and wanting to fill up the blanks. I have more blank days from Sydney that I've yet to fill up too! This stupid Dayre makes me so OCD. I feel like I should jot something down for everyday!

I have a love hate relationship with Saturdays.

I always dread waking up on Saturdays cos it's class followed by four hours of rehearsal, which is really super tiring 😭

Sometimes I ask myself why I put myself through this unnecessary stress and commitment, but I think at the end of the day, I enjoy having a passion that I can devote myself to, though it isn't always all fun and laughter all the time.

I suppose you can also call me "犯贱" hahaha. Complain but still want to do! Burn all my Saturdays and precious weekends!

This is my 7th year in the SYC Ensemble Singers. I never thought I could stick to one thing for so long, especially with the super high commitment level (7 hours of rehearsal every week on average, and up to 15 over hours during concert week) but I guess time flies like crazy, and 7 years passed before I even realised it. Pretty amazing even to me!

Of course, one of the best things SYC has given me is the opportunity to travel and see so many different countries and sing in different places all over the world, which is extremely cool.

Since I joined the choir, I've been to Manado (Indonesia), Tokyo (Japan, Arezzo (Italy), Sopot (Poland) and Torino (Italy) again.

And this year we are going to Tolosa in Spain!

The first time I got to extend my trip with the choir in Italy, my three adventurous choir mates and I were so ambitious, we completed a mad tour around Italy in less than 7 days?

From Arezzo > Bolzano > Bologna > Florence > Rome > Venice > Milan ghahaha!

Four girls lugging suitcases around the cities and taking the local trains from town to town. We even took an overnight sleeper train to Venice! We were so brave D: Thank God we were safe!

In Venice.. Definitely one of my favourite cities in Italy. It's beautiful especially at night!

Travelling also piqued my interest in photography, and I loved taking photos while travelling so so much! I think I started blogging around the second year I joined the choir. Then I started taking photos of EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE!

In Florence, another of my favourite cities in Italy!

Also I think I looked very different a few years ago before I got my braces done and all that 🙈 Also pre-eyebrow days hahaha my eyebrows like non-existent OMG. Good thing eyebrow embroidery saved me.

So this time round come October, we will be in Spain and my girls and I are planning to extend our trip and tour around Barcelona and Grenada!

Quite eggcites heh heh. Time to start saving up money cos Europe is really expensive 😪

And that's also why I have to stay grounded for the next few months.. All the flying around is seriously too taxing on me. Need to work properly instead of flying around every few weeks! 💪💪💪

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