Sick still got mood to take photos. All day errday yah? Photo of my new kicks from prettyFIT! Ultra comfy and soooo nice!

Dressed to kill (the flu bug). Feeling under the weather but you can still look good while you're at it, I say.

Here's the new graffiti art romper in black, size M fits me perfectly! 😍

Them shoes are soooo 😍😍😍

The meds are making me feel very light-headed and stupid. I was practically floating about in a daze the entire day! At least I was productive and got photos done πŸ‘

@minpoh and I rushed over to send @yingdan off at the airport with Serene and Simin and Ven!

YD's gonna be having a ball of a time in NEW YORK, I know it already! Have lots of fun, dear!

@xiesimin just sent me back home and I'm about to crash in bed now! Mmm still high on drowsy meds. Good night y'all!

Dear Dayre,

Waiting at the clinic for my turn to see the doctor. There must be some majorly virulent bug going around cos the queue time is one hour long 😱 θΏžηœ‹εŒ»η”Ÿιƒ½εΎ—ζŽ’ι˜ŸοΌŒηœŸζ˜―ηš„!

YZ drove me down to his family doctor at Bedok cos he says this doctor gives really effective meds. Well, a bug is a bug is a bug, I bet the doc has been prescribing the same meds all morning already.

Quick breakfast while waiting for my turn at the clinic. Dr Tay why you so popular one?

Yay! Finished editing my photos for next collection!! 😁😁😁 So happy hehehe.

The whole day was just like *tap tap tap on laptop* *cough cough cough* *sip warm water* 😷

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