Dear Dayre,

Had a really long Monday but wasn't that productive.. Post-vacation inertia is horrible! I think I've been travelling around so much that it's very hard to settle back into a comfortable routine whenever I'm back. And in about a week's time, I'm gonna be flying to Phuket with YZ for another short trip. 死掉 😵

I'm actually really looking forward to Phuket even tho I'm so not bikini ready hahaa.

Good food ain't always photogenic but this is yummy stuff! Zhi char at Guillemard Road. Super sinful dinner and I'm gonna suffer for it very soon cos I'm returning to Slim Couture for my treatment sessions tomorrow… 🙈

But I had a great catch up with girlfriends, and that's my favorite part about Mondays! ☺️

I'm still back-logged from Sydney trip btw.. Gonna go back and post up some of the back logged photos!

I was in total dress-down work mode today but a couple of cute readers appeared out of nowhere and asked for a photo 😳 Hello girls! I hope I didn't scare you with my no-make up face 😅 And it was nice to talk to you two, thank you for being so friendly!

Sometimes I feel slightly self-conscious when I meet readers and followers. I wonder what they are thinking in their heads, and if "real-life me" is what they imagined "Yina Goh" to be like. Hahaha.

Maybe they might get a rude shock? 😂

Don't get me wrong okay, I love meeting new people and of course readers! ☺️ It's a very gratifying and humbling experience for me. I am really thankful.

Anyway, there's gonna be two opportunities for readers to meet me this weekend, cos I'll be having two different readers sessions: one on Saturday for a PrettyFit styling workshop and another on Sunday for a Eversoft selfie and skincare workshop!

Deetz and how to get invites will be on my Insta soon!

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