Dear Dayre,

Hello hello!

I'm back in Singapore! Since Friday night actually, but my Saturday was too busy as usual.

I'm sort of lazing around my Sunday: I really shouldn't cos there's work to be done, Dayre entries to be updated and blog posts to be written. Yikes.

But to be honest, all I've been doing in my spare time is reading articles on my phone, on the terrible MH17 tragedy, on the Israel/Hamas conflict and war, and 😔😔😔 we are really fortunate to be living in such a peaceful nation.

So I'm trying to upload a blog entry with my Sydney photos.. But I can't find a way to get all my photos from Flickr to blogger 😭😭😭 *gives up*

100 over photos waiting to be shared! I wonder if there's any better platform or way to do this. 😪

Ramadan pasar malam time! 😁

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