Dear Dayre,

I have so many Cancerians in my life (June 21-July 22) really. Including my sissy @zuanqing, YZ, and also my mentor/老师黎沸挥!

It was a pretty long Thursday that started with an early morning working on the computer before my voice lesson before meeting suppliers for TVD and lastly to 老师's birthday celebration at Tang Music.

Can't believe we got home at 5am OMG I swear I'm getting old. By 4am I was so grumpy and stoned already I felt like a walking zombie 😞

My polytechnic classmate Elaine who was the one that pulled me into taking up vocal class together with her. We were 17 or 18 years old back then. Feels like a decade ago!! No wait, it WAS a decade ago. Yes I'm feeling old again 😭

😁 Happy birthday, 老师!!

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