Dear Dayre,

I've been feeling so hard pressed for time to blog recently >.> Even dayre-ing daily is hard! Just too busy every day with TVD, choir rehearsals, work, events and stuff.

Feeling really guilty about it and I resolve to blog more often once my next trip is out of the way. Then I'll be in Singapore all the way until late October, and hopefully then I will be able to spend more time editing photos and writing for my blog. Cos there's so much stuff I wanna share 😭

TVD has been keeping me quite busy because I need to spend one day a week usually on photoshoot, and then another 6-8 hours editing photos and preparing to launch. Plus there's also the manufacturing stuff for new upcoming designs, discussing about the samples, picking fabrics and materials, and all that.

My Friday was spent finalizing some designs for manufacturing as well as attending meetings with clients for the blog. There's always so much to be done everyday!

Also, I came down with a throat infection and cough: probably due to too much over-singing as well as all the heaty junk food I've been eating.. 😭 There's probably some bug going around and now I have the sore throat, phlegmy cough and stuffed nose! Sucks so bad, I hope I recover before Phuket on Wednesday.

This weekend will also be packed because apart from my usual Saturday lessons and rehearsals, I have two events and also have to squeeze in a photoshoot for TVD! Yikes.

While I'm dreaming about my beach holiday, for every day that I'm not in Singapore, I have to do double the work to make up for it. There's always a price to pay, unfortunately.

It's the same for this Phuket trip: I will be there for "work" because I'm gonna have to blog about it, while at the same time, I have to squeeze in all the other stuff I need to do on the days leading up to the trip. And spend extra energy doing stuff like packing, preparation and all that!

Work is never-ending lah.

And then when I have any free time apart from sleeping and spending with YZ…. I Dayre hahahaha.

Ok now I'm seriously contemplating if I should see a doctor because I don't wanna be coughing away like a sick bird on my Phuket trip! That won't be fun at all 😣

Hope the bug goes away soon! Stay strong, immune system of mine!! I hardly fall sick so I find it really annoying when I do. 😤

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