Dear Dayre,

Work was stressing me out so I dragged YZ out to watch an afternoon movie with me.

Why are cinemas always freezing!

So we watched X-Men: Days of Future Past!

We haven't watched a movie in the longest time. It was a pretty good watch and got rather thrilling towards the end..

Though I think the best character for me was Quicksilver, who only had screen time of half a movie before the plot moved on.

Shan't spoil it if you haven't watched it. Hahaha.

Whenever I get stressed, I tend to take the ostrich approach: which is to sort of block out everything and just take a breather.

It's probably not the best way to deal with work or to deal with life in general, but… Well, call me an escapist. 😐 Or a procrastinator. Or both?!

Happy to say that I'm halfway through my workload already!

It's also the post holiday syndrome. It's just harder to focus especially when there's so many things to be done and all on a tight schedule!

In other news, shaggy QQ here has gotten herself (Baby too) a sponsor for their grooming needs!

Aiyo nowadays pets really lead a good life. But Little Miss Carpet here really needs the grooming as you can tell, so thank you Pooch Image! Can't wait to bring the two pooches down for their grooming and spa session already!

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