Seoul May’14: Pre-wedding Shoot with Kwedding and Istudio (Highlights)

I’m back from Korea! ^.^

And boy.. was it a memorable trip! We had an incredible experience with our pre-wedding photoshoot, and just a whole lot of fun in Seoul with the K-Wedding and Istudio crew! So so thankful that everything just went so smoothly! TT__TT

I intend to blog about everything in detail, but here’s a quick recap of what I’ve already posted on Instagram, because all those photos will get buried under a ton of other photos on my feed soon!

Most of these photos were taken with my new Samsung Nx Mini, and you can already see how amazing the set-up and lighting look for our shoot.. I really can’t wait for the actual photos to be sent over in two weeks time! I am also extremely grateful for all the warmth and hospitality Nicole and Sunny from K-Wedding provided us with during our stay and especially in regards to coordinating everything for our photoshoot, they ensured that every nitty gritty detail was taken care of and made us feel so at ease!

Thank you so much, K-Wedding! TT__TT

We also had too much fun filming with Istudio Motion Pictures, who were the most professional crew I have ever seen when it comes to videography! Can you believe that they brought along equipment like a helicopter drone (for aerial footage) and also a crane (for panning shots) just to get the best footage for us? 

Ian from Istudio Motion Pictures also created these 15-second trailers of what went on in Seoul and on the day of our pre-wedding shoot.. It’s not the real video yet but we are already blown away with how beautiful these videos are!

Of course, I’ve already shared some snippets here and there on my Dayre, so maybe you want to follow me on Dayre as well! 😀

Be back real soon! 🙂

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