Project Superstar 1st Audition!

Dear Dayre,


Guess what? Today's the day of PSS auditions and I'm still undecided right now if I should go audition. Reason being that I'm flying overseas for a week in June, and have choir commitments all the way til October/November. 😭

The audition is from 9-5 today I think but I'm sure there will be campers who are already there at Mediacorp now (5am).

#YOLO lah!!!

Go and try my luck first θΏ‡ε…³ then say!

Wish us huat huat!

It's mad crowded but luckily the queue moved quite fast! Think we should be done by 1pm.. πŸ™

And even ran into some friends too, both expected and unexpected ones! πŸ‘‹ So nice to have familiar faces around!

Thank you for the well-wishes everyone!!! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

I randomly picked my song for the audition while queuing. Let's hope it will be fine! Unfortunately, the results won't be announced just yet. Meh! Don't like to wait in suspense πŸ˜•

But I'll update later on how it goes! @appledesu, are you here too?

Hey everyone!

My audition is over!!! And YZ's too cos he was right after me…


I think I flunked pretty bad! 😰

The song that I chose wasn't a song that I was very familiar with.. And I got my lyrics quite badly messed up -.-


YZ sounded pretty ok and they asked him to sing two songs!

Results only announced on 15 June lol.

At least I've tried so even if I don't get through, no regrets! πŸ‘

That being said.. Why is it so hard to control stage nerves? πŸ˜– I always do poorly during auditions and competitions πŸ˜” OH WELL! Just gonna wait til results are out next week! ζ— ζ‚”!!!

Going off for choir rehearsal first heheheh. At least I made it in time for rehearsal! ^^

Now it's just a matter of waiting for the results 😰

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