Erabrowlogy Touch Up 👀✨

Dear Dayre,

It's Happy Brows Day! ☺️✨

As you know, I got my Erabrowlogy done at Erabelle almost two months ago. I just blogged about the experience with photos for those who are keen!

I'm super anal about eyebrows and I absolutely cannot stand having messy looking brows or unshapely brows. Thus, Erabrowlogy is a god-send for me because it means that even without having to draw in my brows daily, my brows still look pretty awesome!

Back for my touch-up at Erabelle's roadshow at Vivocity!

Candy, my brow artist, shaped my brows first before proceeding to the touching-up, which was a painless process! All I can feel after numbing cream is like a mild stinging sensation.

The touch-up isn't as intensive as the first session cos there's still color in my brows, so all that's needed is to just darken the color a little more.

This time round, Candy used a dark brown shade closer to my hair color so that it will complement me better!

Jjjaangggg! Done in a jiffy and I always love the immediate result on my features, I instantly look sharper and more alert! 😁 I tend to have very smiley eyes that look droopy at times so the well-defined and shaped brows really help to make my eyes look a lot better. 👍

Highlight of the day: I also brought YZ down for Erabrowlogy cos he is always complaining about the sparseness of his brows and their uneven shapes!


The procedure is still the same: and YZ's main issues are to fix his asymmetrical brows and to fill in the front parts which are pretty sparse!

I was expecting YZ to complain about the pain (he even finds eyebrow tweezing painful) but he said he felt zero sensation. Nothing at all! Guess the numbing cream did its job well 😂

On his way to thick and full manly brows! 👍

Check out YZ's before and after! He is extremely happy with the results!

It looks abit dark now but the color is expected to lighten by 20-50%! After which it will look super natural!

Yay!!! We love the well-shaped and defined brows! 😍😍😍

Quote "Yina" at Erabelle's roadshow at Vivocity this week (just outside F21) for 20% discount off Erabrowlogy & complimentary limited edition tote bag, exclusive to the roadshow only! ✨

That's a super good deal cos the usual discount for quoting my name at the stores is only 10%! And you get this really cute tote bag!


Yes I cannot stand messy brows 😤

The tote is surprisingly good quality by the way! Was expecting a not-so-nice tote but this one feels really well-made!

One more of my face 😁 I have on very minimal makeup but the brows help so much to make me look polished and groomed!

60mins/session​: $1,314
Consists of 4 colour services, with pre-treatments and Browlogy Care kits.

As a general guide:
1st colour service (6 – 8 weeks)
2nd colour service (6 – 8 months)
3rd colour service (6 – 8 months)
4th colour service

More information on my blog! ☺️

Right after we got our brows all done, YZ and I whizzed off to meet our wedding planners, Rubi and Clarissa from Inside the Knot!

Geez can't believe it's just six months to wedding day now! 😱😱😱 And we haven't done much!

But anyway, conclusion is that we have to plan our guest list already so that we can send out a "Save The Date" first.

Weddings are so complicated!


All freakin' 700 over photos, color-processed, in high resolution! 👍👍👍

No need to worry about paying extra for more photos shit. Gonna have to select our photos for the album and those will be touched up further by the studio!

Still one of my favourite sets of photos from the shoot, this vintage settings and casual wear! 😍

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