Day 7: Last day in Seoul! 😭

Dear Dayre,

The days pass by in a blur when you're eating and shopping and eating without a care in the world… 😒

On our last day in Seoul, I brought YZ to have Korean ginseng chicken soup!

Woah, after all the unhealthy street food, ginseng chicken soup actually tasted very soothing on the throat.

We went to the famous Baekje Samgyetang at Myeongdong: @evonnz and I also visited the same restaurant previously! #yinagoestoseoul

If you're wondering how I navigate my way around Seoul, it's actually pretty easy, all you have to do is to google and find the address in Korean characters and use Google Maps! Note: it's Google Maps not iOS Maps, which doesn't read the Korean names and roads well.

If I want to keep track of a place I've already visited (like my hotel), I use iOS Maps though! And I drop a pin/add a bookmark to my maps so I just refer to that for directions the next time ^^

With wifi, everything is good!

YZ and I rented the Olleh Wifi Egg from airport which is a wifi device that allows phones and other gadgets to connect to it for wifi on the go. It comes with two batteries which last four hours each, and the first thing we do when we get back to hotel is to charge those batteries religiously!

Olleh egg rental is about 8000won a day. Which is way cheaper than unlimited data for two pax ($15 per pax a day) so it's a great way to get your wifi on the go!!

As usual we only ordered one portion of chicken soup which is one whole baby chicken stuffed with glutinous rice. The black chicken version costs 25,000 won.

The staff will probably try to ask you to order two portions but unless you really like ginseng chicken soup or you don't intend to have anything else on the streets…. Don't do it. Lol. One portion was enough to fill us up comfortably and still have some space for street food! πŸ™ˆ

Please remember to pour the little cup of wine into the soup because we totally forgot about that cup of wine and only realised it after we finished our meal lol -.-

Selfie with the man! ☺️


We've always walked past this sausage and rice cake skewer thing that looked so enticing… And finally tried it!

Unfortunately though…… It was nothing to rave about. Neither was the stick of fried chicken that YZ couldn't resist ordering.. It was just a mouthful of soggy batter and tough meat slathered in sweet and spicy sauce!

I'll stick to my tteokbokki any day..

So guys, don't eat the deep fried street food unless it's freshly fried on the spot. Meh.

Not everything slathered in sweet and spicy sauce is good πŸ˜‚

The must-have soft serve at Myeongdong 😍😍😍

My favourite flavour is still yogurt strawberry but it's always not available I don't know why! Don't really fancy the green tea flavour so the next best one is chocolate strawberry πŸ˜‹πŸ¦

We decided to walk over to Namdaemun market to take a look instead of more shopping.. Since we were down to our last few thousand won πŸ˜‚

Namdaemun market is a traditional goods market and here's where you can find lots of random stuff and trinkets like magnet souvenirs, cheap imitation bags, Korean seaweed, and buildings full of women's apparel (the kind your grandmother or auntie might like) and stuff like that.

Us at Namdaemun: the weather was quite a killer that afternoon and it only started getting cooler in the evening. 😰

Because it was our last night and also we weren't that hungry from too much street food… We had cup noodles for dinner instead! In our cozy hotel room… πŸ’“

Lounging on a superbly comfortably hotel bed with your loved one is a kind of bliss too 😍

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