Day 5: Myeongdong!

Dear Dayre,

I'm so backdated it ain't even funny. But I'm gonna do a massive speed update now!!! Which should be easy since all we did in Korea after the shoot was eat, shop, eat and shop somemore! πŸ™ˆ #yinagoestoseoul

Well, we sent the Istudio team off on Wednesday because they were returning back home after having done their work! 😭

Honestly enjoyed hanging out and working with the iStudio peeps so much and I'm so glad we have had this opportunity to work together. Now I can't wait for more videos from Ian! ☺️

And then I finally got to eat my tteokbokki 😍 Omg this was the best one I had by far! Super chewy and QQ soft rice cake in extra spicy sauce!

We had it the authentic way, standing by a θ·―θΎΉζ‘Š πŸ˜‹

So shiok seriously 😍 Not all tteokbokki are made alike some more nicer and some are nastier. Haha.

Checked out of the lovely guesthouse in Gangnam we'd been staying for the first few nights to a hotel near Myeongdong, good thing taxis in Seoul are fairly affordable!

My American Tourister Vivolite has been amazing too, I don't know how I ever managed to tramp through Europe with a two-wheeled luggage. Four wheeled luggages are godsent! And Vivolite is in hot pink and is (obviously) super light as its name suggests! πŸ’“

Checked into N Four Seasons hotel, which is somewhere in the middle of Namdaemun and Myeongdong.. It's located on a steep hill so every night we return to hotel, it's like a workout. Haha. But that was the best place we could get cos I booked our accommodation rather late! That being said though, the bed was superrrrr shiok. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

We then headed to Myeongdong! Previously I stayed at Myeongdong with @evonnz too, so to be honest Myeongdong has gotten quite unexciting for me.

But it cannot be denied that Myeongdong has got one of the best street food! @evonnz your tornado potato with sausage 😍😍😍

We only found this on the first day in Myeongdong.. After that couldn't locate the stall anymore it seemed to have disappeared! Sian. If not I sure eat one everyday!

Anyway, after photoshoot liao, just whack πŸ™ˆ Go back to Singapore then diet right?

YZ cannot resist fried food so he bought this ebi fritters thing which was quite meh. There's a lot of street food at Myeongdong but not everything is nice hor!

So the last time @evonnz and I were at Myeongdong, we had this really fantastic army stew. I combed the streets with YZ and finally located said restaurant! 😍😍😍

Sent @evonnz this photo to make her jealous. The army stew here is super huge and cheap?! The mussel soup cost like 7,000 and the stew cost 17 or 18000 won with two bowls of rice and a pack of instant noodles wtf.

YZ and I were so full from all the street food we had trouble finishing the stew!


My favourite gyeranbbang is like 1500 to 2000 at Myeongdong when it's only 700-800 at Gangnam! Really is chop tourist head 😭



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