Back to SG on AirAsiaX

Dear Dayre,

I did it! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ On the very last day of Seoul, which technically wasn't even a day because our flight was at 1pm and we had to leave for the airport at like 9ish am.. πŸ˜”

Took a cab to Incheon because while we were waiting at the destinated bus stop for the airport bus, a cab drove up to us and offered us the same price (20,000won) to drive us instead.

We agreed and climbed into the cab, which on hindsight is quite reckless huh? What if the cab didn't get us to Incheon on time? 😱

Lol… The taxi was heading towards Gimpo airport (according to road signs) for a while and got us all worried.

BUT… We actually made it to the airport, and just in time too. Phew! Did all the necessary stuff like tax refund, returning of wifi egg and by the time we were done, it was already boarding time 😰😰😰

The beautiful sea of clouds aboard the plane. Doesn't it truly resemble the sea?

Our flight on AirAsiaX back was good, and of course we had our on-board meals again.. Nasi Lemak, which is da bomb!!! We wolfed down everything since photoshoot was over already can relax a tiny bit hahaha πŸ™ˆ

You see my face looks puffier already from overeating -.- FML.. Need to go back to Singapore and work hard to lose weight again! 😭

My pretty pink Vivolite got scratched up a little on the way back home though… πŸ˜” Oh well!

This trip was really like a fairytale come true for me 😭😭😭

So many beautiful memories and definitely one of the most memorable and significant events in our relationship thus far!

And now.. I can't wait for the photos and the videos!!! 😍😍😍

I guess now is as good a time to announce that..

I'm flying again to Sydney, Australia in three weeks time!!!! 😱

I think if I go and see a fortune teller this year, my horoscope might read something like…

"Your career will be going places this year."

Or "Try to keep yourself grounded at times."

Or "Beware of having your head up in the clouds."

Bwahahahaa πŸ˜‚


Super happy in fact. I love love love travelling and especially for legit reasons ✨

Fly me everywhere please!!!!

Need to save up money cos I'm travelling to Europe at the end of the year too.. To Spain for a choral competition and festival!


But first up.. Sydney, Australia! In three weeks time!!! I can't wait! Cos other than being an all-expenses paid trip, I'll be visiting my good friend who lives in Sydney. We only get to meet up every 1-2 years when she flies back to SG and I've been talking about visiting her for the longest time! ☺️☺️☺️

Soooo excited lah!

Before then I need to blog and work at double speed time cos there's just tooooo much to share and too much to do!

And this daily Dayre ain't helping my workload any 😭 But I really enjoy writing and sharing every day here…

Somebody gimme a Time Turner please!

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