I met the most adorable dog, named Nibs! Awwwwww he was super duper friendly and enthusiastic!

Another furry friend I met on the street named Poppy. Shih tzu poodle mix!

With Kaylie outside Leura Garage, where we had lunch. The cold air really makes one famished 😳

Kaylie's one of the lucky winners who won this NX traveller trip! Sibei shiok.

The restaurant was so cool! Open concept kitchen and the chef literally plucked fresh leaves from the herbs pots right above the stove and threw them into the pan!

Cured meats starter plate..

And super fresh and delicious pizza!!! πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

Another selfie that has nowhere else to go. I have been crowned the queen of selfies amongst team Sydney already. πŸ˜…

Testing my photography skills by taking candids of random people πŸ™ˆ

We left the Blue Mountains after lunch to make our way to Sydney~~~

Iconic Sydney.

We drove to a spot across from the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, and got as near as possible to the coast line for photo-taking. Once again, my Hunter boots came to the rescue! Didn't have to fear about getting wet in these sturdy wellies.

I took this long shutter shot while the tide rushed in and crashed against my feet, to create the "soft water" effect! Pretty artistic huh?

Learnt this from Kris, the professional landscape shooter in the team! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Another shot as the sun set and we approached dusk.

Our new hotel has got an amazing view of the bridge and practically sits on the harbour! 😍

Just some of Team Sydney: Singapore, Indonesia and the Philipines all represented!

The day ended really late cos dinner at Cafe Sydney was at 8.30pm.. Lunch felt like it was from a past lifetime πŸ˜‚

One fantastic thing about Sydney is that the weather is awesome! It's not as cold or windy as it was on the Blue Mountains and is so much more bearable, even at night.

Cafe Sydney is a super popular atas restaurant that overlooks the cityline and has a marvelous view!

What the view looks like from Cafe Sydney: it was jam-packed on a Thursday night!

My delicious barramundi fish mmmmmmmmm. Kind of overate with the starters, appetizers and desserts! >.<


Dear Dayre,

Just a fast update before I crash, cos it's past 1am here and I have to be awake at 5am to visit Sydney Fish Market omg!

Can you tell how jam-packed our schedule is and also how much I love y'all huh?

So today the first thing on our itinerary was a visit to Scenic World, which is a sort of park for tourists to visit a valley within the Blue Mountains!

You have to take a steep tram down into the valley, which was kinda fun!

But the real fun began in the forest when we hiked through (it's a leisurely stroll of about 30-45mins?) to take pictures and learn more about photography.

I really had a lot of fun trying to take good photos and paying real attention to the composition, critical thinking, lighting and different aspects to each photo!

Which by the way is really tough to jump out of that "snapshot" mentality for us amateur photographers. I've always prided myself on being able to take a nice photo, but now I'm learning how to push myself to the next level of photography! And it's such a challenging thing to do.

Patrick, one of the professional mentors from Malaysia took this portrait shot for me in front of a wooden cabin in the forest!

Actually, I shamelessly volunteered to be the portrait model HAHAHA. Why not hor? 😁 And this was taken with the Samsung Kzoom camera phone! Love the play of light and shadows on this photo.

Here's our guide from Scenic World! He was really informative and funny!

We took a cable car to the other side of the valley! Hahaha pardon my crap Iphone videos. But I just wanted to share! 😁

The temperature down in the valley was a lil cooler but it wasn't windy so it was great!! But we then took the cable car to the peak and it was super windy again.

Here's my winning portrait with a view, taken by Dave, a winner from Malaysia! πŸ˜πŸ‘

After a fulfilling morning "in the bush" as our tour guide would say, we had lunch in a nice little establishment in Leura Village.. And also walked about for some photo ops!

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