Dear Dayre,

Road trip day!!! ☀️☀️☀️
New passport holder hehehehe. I bought it from Asos! 😁

Here's YZ with the two little imps! Off to Legoland we go!

Can't believe we woke up at 5.30am soooo damn early. Especially after yesterday's long day >.<

All photos in today's entry taken with the new toy: Samsung Nx3000 with kit lens! I was quite impressed with the quality of the kit lens. It's pretty good for just a regular kit lens! Plus this camera has a flip screen and selfie function too teehee similar to the Nx mini! Very useful for me.

Super good weather today! But it was sooo sunny omg. Spammed as much sunblock as I could.


It wasn't anything fantastic, to be honest. Maybe I'm just not a fan of Lego haha. And the rides are more catered for little kids, around 8-12 years old?

These two had fun though! And we also went to the water park which had water playgrounds, big slides and pools 💦💦💦

With YZ and my SIL-to-be Glynise!

小人国 made out of Lego bricks!

We got back to Singapore in the evening and it's only 10pm now and everyone's pooped.

I feel so guilty cos I haven't been updating my blog in almost two weeks! 😭 TVD and work/social commitments have been keeping me so busy that sitting down for half a day to write a blog entry is proving to be impossible.

I really want to blog about my prewed shoot trip 😭 Gonna sit down and do it tomorrow! I must! 💪💪💪 I also have a couple of blog advertorials to complete too.. >.<

One last pic from Legoland! YZ's favourite/one and only pair of shades that doesn't make him look weird from Shoppunk lol. He actually looks quite good in these aviators!

Thanks @reeniepoh!

For cheap shades, you can shop at! 😁

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