Dear Dayre,

New look today! I tried having my hair curled but I think it became a little too curly hahaha πŸ™ˆ

The hair is somewhat longer enough now to not look too kuku when curled though. πŸ‘ Been growing this hair out for forever and I think it's finally seeing some progress!! No cutting until after wedding day!

Ok too much of that curled fringe makes me feel a little like a poodle. I was expecting it to flatten faster but I guess the heat from the curling tongs held up the curls too well.

Today I visited Jade's house to do a little webisode for her YouTube channel! 😁 Basically we chat about wedding prep and the likes, cos both of us are getting married early next year.

Talking about it makes it feel even more 😱. The last I checked, my wedding was a year away?

Another picture of my poodle hair with the lovely Jade, thank you for hosting me at your incredibly gorgeous home! 😍😍😍

I wish I took some pictures but it's a bit paiseh to go around taking photos of someone's house the way I do at a cafe? πŸ˜‚ But her home is just beautiful! I love the vintage-inspired decor and mismatched furniture. Nothing like I've ever seen before in SG!

In other news,

So some dude tried to pick me up today πŸ˜’

I blame it on the poodle hair.

Was just minding my own business waiting for a bus at the bus stop when a Malay dude in a sports car pulled up next to the bus stop in the lane inside the bus stop and asked me for directions… From Tanjong Katong to Parkway Parade wtf.

If you're not a Eastie, Parkway Parade is basically almost just a straight road down from Tanjong Katong -.- Ok I seriously thought the guy really needed directions but really who doesn't have iOS Maps nowadays?!

The dude then followed up with asking if I were Korean (you see? It's the poodle hair) and that he was part of some unknown club and they were organizing an event and were looking to invite people cos they needed some local support.

And then kept asking if I could give him a number or Facebook.

I politely gave him my work email and he asked again hopefully "Does this connect to your Facebook?" to which I said No.

I thought that was quite a clear indication BUT he still carried on to ask me if maybe we could meet up and have coffee or something so he could tell me more about this event rubbish.

Dude, I was pretty polite but I'm not interested. So I just told him:

You can email me about the event. Thanks.

Times like this I think I should have been wearing my engagement ring!

Told @cherriwong about it when I met her for dinner right after and she said I was too polite lol.

I can count the number of times that I've been picked up by guys on one hand, so I suppose I don't have much experience in brushing guys off.

I met Cherriberri for dinner! It's been awhile since we last caught up, maybe almost a year? So we went for mookata at Katong! πŸ˜‹

The mookata (it's called Mookata with a pig logo) wasn't too bad but it was crowded and service was slow. I didn't see the call button on the table and waving for a staff took a while.

We paid about $28 each and were really full!

But there's always room for dessert πŸ˜‹ Followed up with ice cream from next door and it was pretty decent! Bit pricey at $15 a sundae though, I could get a waffle and two scoops of ice cream for cheaper at LICK instead >.<

I passed @cherriwong a Dior Fluidstick in bright orange cos she's been hankering after a Cheon Songyi lip color for the longest time, teehee. Put it to good use okay, babe!

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