Dear Dayre,

I had a really busy Monday! >.< But I went to bed feeling accomplished: discussed samples, had a photoshoot, edited my photos, put up a preview and also completed a blog post! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

It always feels good to have done a productive's day of work, especially when I'm working for my own baby (TVD) or working on my blog ^^

We did our shoot both in studio and outdoors today, and TFT studio set up the lights so well! @billetsdouxfromc looks glowing in these shots!

And btw, the full outfit for this shot will be available on TVD, but for this week's collection, we're launching this super nice Picasso Midi Skirt! I fell in love with the prints and had to bring this in even though it's slightly expensive. Love the neoprene fabric as well!

The wool coat that I wore almost everyday in Korea πŸ’“

Also comes in Cream!

Spent the entire evening sitting in office with @xiesimin, both of us editing photos and singing along to mandopop haha!

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I love the preview pictures I put up on Facebook!

We worked all the way til like 11pm plus before we decided to call it a day. Picked up @minpoh and had a super late dinner at Geylang 126. Happy to have gotten so much work done! 😁

Foooooddddd! 126 has got pretty affordable and tasty dimsum plus it opens til late! @reeniepoh popped by too and we chatted til like 2.30am 😰

Been staying up way too late recently! I need to get more sleep haha.

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