Dear Dayre,

Reporting live from Sydney right now! The weather was much colder than I expected 😱 And we are currently on the way to the Blue Mountains where it is reportedly gonna be as cold as 3 deg! Wah I'm gonna freeze haha.

I took these high-level selfies with the Samsung Nx3000 and 30mm f2 lens! Very impressive lens but you know 30mm means you can't do a regular selfie cos it'll be too near! So I propped up the camera further away and with the auto detect smile function managed to take these shots wahaha! I'm impressed too 😂 Yay to selfie cameras!!!

The skies are just beautiful, it is incredibly sunny but also super windy at the same time! And even at 15 deg, I feel quite chilly already. I hope I'll be able to withstand the temperature on the mountains, there was snowfall last night apparently!

And of course, the very first thing we did after touch-down was to grab some grub!

I'm very thankful that for the next five to six days, all meals are arranged and provided for so all I need to do is to EAT. Yum!!!

These were fresh mussels in black bean sauce from an eatery called Kitchen By Mike. The food was so good and wholesome!

I'm trying not to overstuff myself despite the generous servings of food cos I know I'll regret it eventually >.< I had a chicken drumstick, a huge portion of mussels and their in-house bread! Satisfying and just enough to fill me up. I hope the rest of the meals will be like this one!

We are now on the Blue Mountains and you won't believe how windy and cold it is today!

Went to this spot for a view of the mountains and the wind was SO strong we couldn't walk straight without fear of getting blown away. Didn't even dare to go near the edge of the cliffs for a good view!!!

Omggggggg I was so worried my camera was gonna fly out of my hands!

And it was incredibly cold once the wind started ravaging through the wilderness. All the bushes and plants were shaking from side to side so violently 😱 You could hear the frantic rustling of the bushes and leaves as the wind galed away!

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