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Dear Dayre,

Got my photoshoot done! 👏👏👏 The weather was unbearably humid and sticky today, and by the time we were done, both @billetsdouxfromc and I were deadbeat! Thanks for the hard work, babe!!!

At least I managed to shoot enough for two mini collections! >.< Hopefully that will do until I'm back in ten days time.

That being said, I really love this midi dress!!! 😍😍😍

And also this pleated top. Comes in a pale mint and white!

Got my shoot done, and also spent as much time as I could with YZ. Went to his place right after I was done with shoot and YZ cooked healthy dinner for me!

I didn't manage to complete my advertorials though 😭 I think I'm gonna be busy on the plane tomorrow night!

There's so many things I haven't done for the trip! So here's a reminder to myself!

1. Get cleansing wipes and eyeliner
2. Contact lens
3. Change Aussie currency
4. Look for my scarves/shawls/stockings!
5. Get additional microSD

A dinner so healthy that I'm hungry again now. Tsk. Shall not give in to the hunger that gnawing at me!

Lucky me managed to squeeze in an appointment at Graceous tomorrow morning to do my lash extensions. Yay! There was a last minute cancellation so Tomoki-San slotted me in! They are the best ^.^ Lash extensions means I won't have to fuss about putting and removing mascara everyday during my trip! Whoop!!

I'm packing the midi dress in fuchsia into my luggage! 😁 And also the houndstooth dress from last collection!

Oh, those Hunter boots are already in my luggage too hohoho!

Anyway, I'm so tired now. Gonna sleep soon so that I can get as much done as is humanly possible tomorrow before I jet off!

Then it's HELLO SYDNEY!!!!!!


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