Dear Dayre,

YZ and I went down to Serangoon Gardens today cos I needed to get some banking stuff done at DBS! So we went to our usual Cedele for brunch.. And a pleasant little surprise came our way 😭

This delicious blueberry tart was served to YZ and I with the blessings "Have a blissful marriage!" and a megawatt smile from a sweet staff at Cedele who happened to be a reader as well!

I'm always so touched and humbled by the fact that I have had the good fortune to meet such sweet readers who to me are the beautiful "strangers-but-friends" who are here to share with me such wonderful and marvelous moments of my life together with me 😭😭😭

It's really my honour and my pleasure!

Except that I lament the fact that I tend to meet readers at my chui-est: i.e. No-makeup-on morning puffy face 😂 Oh well.

Unfortunately tho… I had a quarrel with YZ that very afternoon! 😖😖😖 So much for blissful marriage blessings.

Got so pissed off with the man that I totally lost my temper and just got into crazy woman mode on him. It was totally horrible.

I'm sure everyone gets into quarrels with their other halves… Right?

I'm not gonna go into the details but it was over a ridiculously small incident.. YZ was unhappy with me over something, but it blew up into a giant quarrel when I got so extremely frustrated and upset because I could not understand why I deserved any unhappiness from YZ in the first place.

The kind of mad when you feel like throwing rotten eggs at and possibly murdering your partner. Zzz.

Well.. I guess the good part is after our huge quarrel, I had to go straight to an event so even though we were both fuming mad, we were forced to take some time off to cool down and think about it. And at the end of the day, we were calm enough to share our unhappiness and feelings/thoughts rationally and openly without anymore spiteful accusations and bitterness.

So we sorted out our differences, kissed and made up at the end of the day lah.


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