TVD back in action!

Dear Dayre,

Can't sleep so I'm here to update!
Damn, Dayre is a compulsive thing. And I'm annoyed that I missed out one day from last month! Gonna go back and update that one day when I feel like it.

Anyways, today was photoshoot time again, not for me but for #thevelvetdolls!

Woah… I'm so excited for the new website to be up y'know!!! Planning to open the site officially to the public next week. Right now, we're still importing all the old products in from our previous system!

New face for our website too and it was my first time working with Chanel! Thankfully, we hit it off great!! Yet another addition to the TVD team is our new photographer, Nic!

Feels good not to be in front the camera and even better not to be behind it haha! Usually it's a 2-man production (me and model) so this time round it was a lot less frazzled for me. #likeaboss

Behind the scenes shots that Eric, Nic's partner took. This is why I'm not a model *路人甲*

Model 是美的咯!

And despite the crazily humid weather, I have no idea how they manage to look good til the end. I'm not even hard at work in front of the camera and I look so damn chui already.

Ahahaa a very badly taken self-timer shot with two photobombers in at the back.

Randomly, Eric (who hooked us up with Nic) is my childhood friend and ex-neighbor! Singapore is astoundingly small.

This is the first time in TVD's history that I've had a proper photographer to take the pictures. 👏 It feels strange to relinquish creative control over the images, but also strangely liberating! At least the professionals are doing what they should be doing instead of my 三脚猫 photography 😂

Now I just have to bear with the waiting time before I get the actual processed images in my hands.

More behind the scenes.

Shot inside our cargo lift haha. Got portable studio light can shoot anywhere man. Rocks socks!

I thought that Nic and Chanel both did a pretty good job! Though it took us some time to warm up to one another and get into the swing of things, I was a happy camper with how the images turned out. May this be the start of a beautiful relationship! 😍

One of the raw images straight from camera! Can't wait to sieve through and select my shots. Wheeee!


First promo image! I am too thrilled to get into the swing of things with TVD seriously. Still excited about the job even after four years of running the business!

A few more behind-the-scenes: just let me spam okay hahaha

This top 😍😍😍

@billetsdouxfromc are you happy with how the images look? 😂👍😻👏

This top and skirt 很 love too, stocked in a lot of new arrivals at KissJane Citylink and Bugis today, including some of those we shot today!

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