Beauty Talk: My Experience at Tokyo Bust Express

Hello girls! (and ERHEM, guys, who may not want to carry on reading…)

So I went for my very first treatment at Tokyo Bust Express last week, and I’m here to share my experience with you all!!

I’m sure every girl out there just like me wants to have an enviable figure. And one of the most important assets of a lady has got to be.. Our bust. Right? Every girl wants to feel confident in whatever clothes they don on, be well-endowed and attractive!

Right now, you’re probably exclaiming, “HUH? YOU NEED TO DO BUST TREATMENT FOR WHAT???” I suppose I should be happy to say that I’ve never had the problem of being flat-chested, in fact, I used to have REALLY BIG boobs. Quite big to me anyway? Lol.

Sorry for the blur photo, but you know, when I used to be bigger sized, my boobs were SO big lol. Like a full C Cup!!!!

Unfortunately… After I lost a substantial amount of weight a few years ago, my boobs have literally been on the downward decline… From full 36C to now to a little bit struggling almost there B Cup. 

IN FACT, the last time I went to buy bras after losing a bit of weight, the sales assistant (an auntie) actually said to me.. “Girl, your boobs are not that big already you still don’t want to wear push-up bra?” That’s a damn sad thing to hear… She almost wanted to give me Cup A bra but I refused to accept that I am a Cup A, hahahaha. Luckily my boobs sort of grew a little bigger recently when I put on some weight (maybe put on in the right places… I don’t know)

But for me, the biggest boob concern I have is not that I am not well-endowed enough, but rather, because of my weight loss, my boobs are actually saggier than the average lady’s, and they are quite sad looking without support 🙁 Armpit fats are another issue that plague me, and you all know how hard it can be to wear clothes sometimes and have all these issues bothering you! It’s really hard to be to wear clothing that require strapless bras, because my boobs are really quite “low” and saggy ;___; So when I wear strapless bras, I really feel very uncomfortable, knowing that my boobs aren’t firm and perky!

You see, being well-endowed (once upon a time) also comes with its own set of problems ;( Which is why I was really quite excited for my treatment at Tokyo Bust Express! I first heard about Tokyo Bust Express when my friends (such as Tricia) actually tried it some time ago, and I was pretty intrigued when she told her that it actually worked for her. I’ve never tried any kind of bust treatment before so this was a first!

Visited the Tokyo Bust Express outlet at City Square Mall, and I felt at ease the moment I stepped through the door! 🙂

The interior was very comfortable and relaxing, with dim cozy lighting, and a very soothing ambience. 

Some testimonials on the wall from satisfied customers!

You don’t have to feel shy, because men are not allowed inside Tokyo Bust Express at all :X They are completely and utterly professional too, and I felt comfortable enough to bear it all for the specialist to look at my boobs and analysis its condition!

Everything is done in the privacy of closed doors, no worries!

My issues were as I expected.. 🙁 The specialist took one look at my chest and told me that I really need help to give my boobies a “boost” as due to my previous weight-loss, they were not well-shaped and did not look full or perky. Also, not wearing the proper bras with good support also resulted in my boob fats shifting to become what we know as “armpit fats”!

My specialist Cai Xia chatted with me a fair bit and asked me some questions, such as whether I usually wore a bra when I was home, which I told her I didn’t and got berated, because it is actually important to keep your bust supported all the time and you should only go bra-less when you go to bed at night! Ever since I found out about that, I’ve been religiously wearing a bra all the time at home :X

After pinpointing your problems, the specialist will go on to decide which procedures to do to improve your bust condition, and I was given the following:

*Firming Scrub

To remove dead skin cell around bust area and for better penetration of treatments and products

*TT Push Up Treatment using Collagen Essence

To help tone and lift breasts, and prevent your current bust condition from worsening (bust-care treatment that aids in maintaining the shape of your breasts)

*Bust Up Therapy

To help blood circulation and lymphatic drainage for detoxifying, as well as to stimulate mammary glands to enhance and firm up the breast. This also helps to prevent breast cancer!

*Bust Suction Therapy

To help shape for a rounder and fuller breast by stimulating mammary glands and to position your breasts to reduce the “mini boob” between breast and armpit (AKA armpit fats)

Although most would think that bust treatments are for mere aesthetic purposes, that’s where you are wrong! Tokyo Bust Express uses 100% natural ingredients such as Dang Gui, Wild Mexican Yam Root and other natural herbs that contain powerful photo-estrogens to stimulate your ovaries to produce a balance of female hormones to aid in optimal breast development and health! 

The treatments even help to boost your circulation and help in lymphatic drainage, which promotes a more healthful you too! 🙂

After my consultation was over, I was brought to to the treatment room! Changed into a pretty pink robe and got ready to begin my treatment.

The treatment room was very cozy and welcoming, with a clean and soft bed and even a blanket to keep me warm and comfortable during the treatment!

Some measurements were taken, and then treatment started!

Getting all relaxed with a shoulder massage.. Obviously I don’t have photos of the rest of the treatment procedures, but I’ll briefly describe in words how the experience was like!

We started with the Firming Scrub which was actually very very relaxing and comfortable, I kind of liked the sensation of the scrub because the specialist applied just the right amount of pressure with her hands!

After the firming scrub, we moved on to the Bust Up Therapy, which is a hand massage that will help to stimulation the mammary glands to enhance and firm up the breast. This may feel a little sore or painful especially when your lymphatic nodes are being massaged or your mammary glands are stimulated with pressure, but the specialist got me to look in the mirror after she did the therapy on just my left boob, and I could straight away see a difference already! My left boob was immediately slightly perkier and less saggy as compared to my right boob! D:

The last treatment I did was the Bust Suction Therapy, which is a machine that helps to shape your breasts to make them fuller and rounder, and also helps with reducing unsightly armpit fats! And.. This felt a little strange at first with the suction, but I even fell asleep halfway through the procedure because it was so relaxing! :X

Before I knew it, my hour-long procedure was over, and we took measurements again right after the treatment! 

I was pleasantly shocked to see an instant difference, in both the perkiness of my breasts, and even the distance between my nipples was now closer than before the treatment! My breasts were really more lifted and looked fuller and less saggy than before! 

Happy max. Hahahaha.

Of course, you need at least five sessions to maintain results, even though you can see the immediate effects after just one session! But I was really pleased to see a significant improvement in the condition of my bust! 

With my very professional and skilled specialist, Cai Xia!

As well as with Chloe, who was there to take care of me. Thank you for the sunny gerberra!!

Feeling a whole lot more confident in my clothes thanks to Tokyo Bust Express! :)))

Would you like to achieve your desired bustling and try the treatments I did too?
Exclusively for my readers, you can get FREE 3 Sessions of Voluptuous Bust Treatments + Bust Lifting Therapy worth $1,688!

All you need to do is to answer a simple question, and 1 lucky winner gets 1 year sponsored Bust treatments with Tokyo Bust Express + $100 worth of M.A.C Products ! 

Terms and Conditions:

• Females above 18 years old and above only

• Strictly by appointment only.

• Promotion valid for 2 months Locations (Tokyo Bust Express): 

• City Square Mall180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208539 

• Park Mall9 Penang Road #11-06 Spore 238459

• Nex Mall23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 556083

• Novena Square 210 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 307506 

For more information, you can always visit Tokyo Bust Express or call 6262 6161 to make an enquiry or to book an appointment! 🙂

I was also given products from Tokyo Bust Express to further enhance the results of the treatment!

Tokyo Bust Express’s Bust Essence and Intensive Bust Enhancement Firming Cream Serum.

I’m on my way to a more attractive and well-endowed bustline! 🙂

Find out more about Tokyo Bust Express below:


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