Dear Dayre,

A sticker with a big fat sun since it's Sunday!!!

Had the most laid back Sunday ever. I stayed at home and blogged while waiting for YZ to end work. He's always busyyyy on Sundays~~

But I suppose that's a good thing because that means you get a new blog post to read!! Woohoo!! (Ok maybe nobody cares hahahahaha) I blogged about my Étude House K-Beauty Tour part 2! ✨ And also our night exploring Gangnam and having fried chicken and beer and stuff like that.

It was really a great trip and blogging about it made me miss Korea. Can't wait to be back in like less than three weeks time!

You know where to read 👉!

Look who else was having a super nua Sunday. My little shaggy QQ 😂

Finallyyyyyyy waited til YZ finished all his work stuff. Dinner was like close to 8pm cos he ended work so late! Took a short drive to Gardens with the intention to have Japanese but Sushi Tei was crazy crowded 😰 Must be early Mother's Day dinner or something.

So we went to RK eating house instead. It's cheap and good!

Randomly.. My face looks thinner in today's pictures 😂 难道我瘦了..?

Also, I don't really think that YZ and I look alike (his eyes so small leh?) but people always comment that we have "夫妻相" or that we look like siblings. Got meh? 我才不要像他耶. 😶

来给你一个欠扁的. 👊💥💢

Shiok chicken tika! 🐔 In line with my carb-free diet… 👍

Followed by…. Roti prata. 🙈🙈🙈 #dietfail so much for carb-free.

I ate just a little bit and made YZ eat the rest. After all, that's what boyfriends are for! 👍

Anyone else likes to have their prata with sugar too? Heh. I like to alternate dipping my bites of prata in both sugar and curry! 😋 And I like egg prata the best. Don't want too crispy, must be slightly soggy and doughy but not tough or hard.


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