Laura Mercier workshop & randoms

Dear Dayre,

Woke up super early on a Monday morning for a workshop at Laura Mercier by one of their top makeup artists who was flown in from Paris!

@evonnz @shiberty and @tippytapp were there too, yay for company!

@jayneluv was super sweet, she went downstairs (Tangs plaza) to get us all bottles of water cos we were damn thirsty!

And with Jess too, we went down to Slim Couture together after the event hurhur.

Her face really looks damn sharp lah! Sharper than mine seriously 😭

YZ is away in Genting for two days with his family so I get to drive his car yay. I've forgotten how convenient driving is…

The kind of rubbish we subject each other to while being physically apart. Bwahahaha.

3rd day of Hic'juice and as usual I love the Popeye Smoothie, Coconut Water and Nut Milk!!!

I had a new collection out on TVD too! 🎉🎉🎉 Love the new website and backend man, cos there's even an app that alerts me whenever new orders come in!

I can compulsively check on my orders all the friggin time I love my smartphone and I love technology.

Feeling very much motivated and spurred on for TVD's weekly collections! 💪 I love my jobbb 😍

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