Day 1: Touch down + Gown Fitting

Dear Dayre,

HELLOOOOOOO! #yinagoestoseoul
I is at stop-over at KL now and waiting to board the flight to Incheon! So far so good, AirAsia seats are pretty plush and comfy! Plus I had yummy chicken rice on board too for dinner πŸ™ˆ

Had a super bad start to the trip but well all is fine right now so let's hope it stays that way?

Gonna reach Incheon at 8am! Hope I can get some sleep on the plane.

I have a two-way convertible neck pillow gifted by American Tourister and I'm trying it out for the first time! Lol let's see if it'll make the flight any more comfortable!

On the flight to Incheon from KL..
Got served my favourite nasi lemak 😍😍😍 It is really the yummiest airplane food ever!

The nasi lemak is so tasty! Best part of flying AirAsia!

Arrived at Incheon to find our friendly Korean liasing officer from Kwedding, Sunny, waiting for us!

Lunch at a cafe outside our guesthouse! Quite simple and wasn't like super nice lah. But hungry anything also okay! Just eat!

This is right at the doorstep of our Guesthouse "Always Like Home"! My first time staying at a guesthouse and it's actually quite comfortable and most importantly very affordable πŸ˜‚

We had a few hours to lunch and rest before gown fitting in the evening. YZ was so guai he did Insanity while I took a nap! Shiok dao~~~

Gown fitting time!

Getting gown fitting done in Korea is an experience like no other.. There will be an experienced stylist to personally pick gowns for you to try in a pretty looking dressing room which has curtains that opens out to a lounge as well as stage lights! Like a stage performance πŸ˜‚ A helper will also put your hair up in a quick up-do and put on some bridal accessories on you and the feel is just incredible 😱

And when I stepped out in my first gown, everyone exclaimed because the effect was simply 😍😍😍 Jaw-dropping!

One of three beautiful gowns I picked for the shoot. This one was so elegant and stunning! 😍

YZ captured this candid "in the moment" with Sunny from Kwedding who has been taking good care of us since we landed!

After my fitting, it was time for YZ to pick his tux too! That's Ian from iStudio who was busy the entire time with his team capturing footage of the fitting sessions.. They are doing a prewed video for us!

I'm damn scared I'll look bad on screen 😭 but I know that Ian is super professional and dedicated! Anyway he'll be my actual day wedding videographer too!

More sneaks specially for my fellow Dayre-ians.. πŸ˜† Another of the gowns I picked! This one is mermaid and super bling and intricate! 😍

I really felt like a princess in all those gowns! πŸ‘Έβœ¨

This Ian keeps on taking me from low shots and then tells me "double chin careful ahhhhh" make me stress only 😭

So in love with the gowns and can't wait for the shoot on Monday, I really hope the photos will turn out great! πŸ™

Soooo hungry after fitting! We found a nearby restaurant with army stew! Woohoo!!!


Sunny and Nicole, the two gorgeous ladies who took such good care of us throughout the day!

Nicole is actually one of the bosses of Kwedding, and she's Korean but married to a Singaporean (her husband is my friend's brother)! Sunny is one of their Korean Kwedding staff ☺️

They are super sweet and funny ladies! After dinner, we went shopping at Gangnam Metro Underground Shopping Centre with them!

We were supposed to buy clothes for our casual shoot but ended up shopping and buying other things haha I bought a pair of shoes and a bag! πŸ™ˆ YZ spent even more than me cos he bought two pairs of leather shoes.. $200 SGD each 😨 But he loves them so I told him to just get them!

Ended off my night with 800won gyerranbang (egg bread) SO LOVE! 😍 Woah used my Samsung Nx Mini for this and the makeup filter gao gao πŸ˜‚


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