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Bridal nails done! 💅✨

Dear Dayre,

I got my bridal nails done! 😍😍😍

Ok I wanted to do something else initially but succumbed to classic white bridal nails cos I was worried they'd look strange in the wedding photos 😰

No regrets cos now my nails are damn chio!!!

@jenrine: "Like this we must one-up for your Actual Day bridal nails liao!"

Me: 😍✨✨✨✨

I asked for this intricate floral lace design heehee it's so me! 😍

Chio mah?

Selfie with @jenrine with my new Samsung Nx Mini! Damn good selfie camera! And also all the pics taken of my nails are all unedited straight out of the camera! 💓

When you have selfie camera, what do you do?

…. You take selfies.

The beauty mode is zai. No edits all straight out of camera okay!

At the launch event earlier in the afternoon before I went down to get my nails done.. I specially dressed up in mint green and white cos the camera comes in those two colors! Effort ya? Both top and skirt upcoming items on #thevelvetdolls!

Made new friends too: Amanda (@beautifuladieu) and Christabel (@jellybellywelly) ☺️

This beauty mode last warning. It's crazy smooth!

COLOR-COORDINATED. Please check out how mini the camera is! It's not called Nx mini for nothing.

With Eric my photographer and friend, and bimbo Tricia.

Me: "I damn effort dress in mint cos camera color ok."
Tricia: "I'm also in a variation of green leh!!!"

Lime green and mint green 差很远好不好?

Best ever from GRUB: Mentaiko fries and churros!

Sad I was on juice detox so I wasn't supposed to eat. Ok I played cheat. Had one churro and some fries 😂

No one ever said selfies had to be glamorous all the time.

Went back home and guai guai drank my HIC juice. Nut milk is the besttttttt 😍😍😍


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